Is Amon a mask of Lucifer

If you listen to EA now, every day, Amaymon is a mask of Lucifer. But in our teachings we know him as Amon. So is this all the same entitiy or is Lucifer Amaymon a different entity as Amon (Amaymon)


I had some questions about Amaymon myself. I hope this helps:

So you see, I was told that that Amon and Amaymon were two totally different entities.


Cool let’s see if we get more answers.

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This is exactly the question that has been troubling me for days!

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Everything will come to us in the right time @princessofdarkness. Hope you’re doing fine, finally i got the answer after some research. I’ve posted it in t his thread:

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Hey!:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!!I appreciate that you remembered


You know, @Borgy , i currently strongly belief he means “enlightened / Enlightener” by Lucifer. ^^

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I’ve wondered the same- seems many texts list Amon ( a Marguis per goetia) synonymous with Amaymon and one in the same?


Yes Amon, Amaymon are.

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I got doubts about the connection with Lucifer, not in.Hierarchy but in being the same

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Odd has there ever been a clear answer to this?

Well that would say a lot.

Just speculating, maybe it’s similar to Paimon / Azazel, you know not the same being but independent and of the same being, more than just a mask.

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Perhaps the key to this question is why he’s called “the strongest prince of all other” by Weyer? It’s interesting because Amon declares himself as a Marquis and not a Prince or President. I have a theory, based on my personal interaction with Amon, but it’s all based on speculation.

I contend that Lucifer is primarily a phenomenon that can be found within all beings, including perhaps oneself.

And that the word “Lucifer” is only a name with a certain archetypal energy attached, and not directly linked to the historical term in any way (I’ll link below some info from one of our more scholarly members on this).

As for when Luficer appears to take on personality traits, with preferences and so on, literally everything does that, from low-level servitors onwards, and it can be tested by anyone willing to use this method:

Your entirely and intentionally imaginary friends will start becoming more “real” and developing their own personas, and eventually some might also link to known beings, such as major demons and clasical deities. :thinking:

I think if someone goes looking for certain qualities in a being, they’ll find them; the ancient Egyptians used to syncretise their deities and that often happened at times of major social changes, when they needed a specific thing on a deep emotional level.

This is why IMO it’s not worth having any major angst over, if “your” Amaymon says he’s definitely NOT Lucifer, when someone else says he is.

Academic stuff with sauce:

And my own experience described in a reply here: Why Is The Sigil For Lucifer The Same As Satan? - #3 by Lady_Eva