Is Abraxas angelic or daemonic?

So I’ve become quite interested in the being known as Abraxas. It all started when I got into learning more about the Gnostics and has developed from there. In almost everything I’ve read it said he created many heavens with many angels. But at the same time the Gnostics were well known to work with Daemons and Abraxas they upheld as there god. Is it possible that the “Heavens” they speak of are the realms where the Daemons we work with reside and the “Angels” are them? It’s all very confusing.

Here’s a link to some more info on Abraxas.


There’s quite a lot about him in Stephen Flowers’ book Hermetic Magic, I haven’t got my copy to hand but I recall seeing a few mentions in there, might be worth checking out? I highly recommend that book anyway, it has lots of little bites of information that come in useful at all kinds of times, as well as a complete initiatory system of its own.


Its confuse. I was reading a tini book who claim he was a seed dragon whit branches all over. Now gnostic probably is a geografy part. Or cultural. It depends.

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According to german dictionary,
Abraxas both means secret gnostic Name of God, and without article, a magical formula.
Wikipedia describes it as God beyond God.
A God who stands over God and the Devil.

In that Sense, it means Sorcerer!!!
It means Operator.

The seven greece letter it’s composed of,
are the Days of the Week.

Using Geomantics,
it uncovers:
α = 1; β = 2; ρ = 100; α = 1; σ = 200; α = 1; ξ = 60
Summarizing to:
α + β + ρ + α + σ + α + ξ = 1 + 2 + 100 + 1 + 200 + 1 + 60 = 365

  • Which are the 365 “Heavens” (Wrongly translated, it means Days) you’ve read about.

The Termonology “to make God and the Heavens your / Lucifers / Azazels footstool,” - deprives exactly here:
God beyond Good and Evil.

Therefore, i’d suggest looking into Mithras aswell. (Persian God of Time.) As well as Chronos, the Greece god of Time.

As These Gods of Time, have in common, that they perfectly rule over all deeds under the Heavens.




So he is not angelic or daemonic he just simply is the ruler. I wanted to get to know him/her personally try working with its energy but have never had an interest in angelic energies but knowing now that he possibly created both is quite interesting and almost opens up more for me.

Thank you so much!


Thats insane!!! Ahahahaha

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Ill definitely give it a look

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It almost sounds like the true baphomet, both good and evil. A perfect harmony of balance… very interesting.


A slight look into Kurtis Workings according Ahriman, may help. :wink:


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