Is a Triangle Really Necessary When Summoning Demons?

Hello all.

So, I am very familiar with the the evocation of Angelic spirits that align with the Greater Keys of Soloman or just Angels in general. I never contain or restrain them nor do I feel the need to. I do not send them away as I do not mind them hanging around.

I am also pretty familiar with most of the 72 Goetic Demons/Gods/Goddesses; but I have never actually summoned them. The ritual from the Lemmageton seems a bit more complex as well as “dangerous” (meaning protection is needed ie. Triangle). Side note, I have always been very drawn to Seere and Andras. Seere I am not leary of but Andras…well, I’ll just say I have much respect for his wrath. Lol.

I have read and been told such conflicting information. Some say a triangle is needed. Some say it is only needed for more nefarious/trickster demons. And some say that a triangle is offensive, like an uncomfortable binding; and should not be used at all.

Also “sending away” is a process I am unfamiliar with. I occasionally work with Santa Meurta and I love her heavy warm energy. I let her linger around for days after my rituals. But after a few days I need to lighten up so I do some major house and body cleansing but I don’t actually/actively send her away.

Is doing a cleansing the same thing as sending away? Or do I actually need to Command the demon to go do my bidding and leave me and mine be? And what is the real deal with this triangle? Or will some standard protection do just fine?

Any replies welcome and if this topic has aready been covered I would appreciate any link(s).

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I haven’t used a triangle at all. I don’t plan to. I primarily work with Hecate, Belial, and Abaddon, but was told that I should learn some stuff from Raphael. I don’t plan on using a triangle. I should state that I don’t work within a system that calls for it.

Concerning the “sending away”, I ask them to “go in peace” whenever they choose to and do a banishing of the ritual area that doesn’t include them. I give exceptions for them and those working on their behalf for me or my family.

If I feel I’ve attracted some unwanted attention, I banish the entire area, instead of just my ritual space. It’s not common for me to feel the need to do that, though.


Thank you for your reply norse900! Very much appreciated. Yes I suppose it is just as simple as bidding them farewell.

Some of the other members comments about Andras make me feel the need to banish him from my entire space. From my readings I am aware that he is litterally the “Serial Killing Assassin” of the Goetia, lol. I just wouldn’t want any of that destructive leftover energy affecting my household.

May I ask why you would never use a triangle? Is it really “that” offensive and/or disrespectful to them?
Or is it just unnecessary overkill?

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nope, and its better not to, if you are referring to the Goetics, as it can be seen as offensive, but this is my opinion, ive never used a circle, never felt the need to with the Beings ive worked with, and honestly, speaking for me in relation to the Beings ive worked with, i found it better not to, and now i also find it offensive to them, this is just personal opinion of course, relating to those ive worked with.


I do light/lazy banishings/cleansings but even so, most of the times, I dismiss the entities which may be present because I feel it would be “harsh” to banish without asking them to leave (although I may be wrong). One of the point of views about the triangle is to consider it more or less scientifically i.e. it helps the manifestation process.

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I see. The general consensus seems to be down with triangles. A small part has always felt that it would be offensive.

But I always call on the four corners and cast a circle. This is mainly to containm any energies that build up as well as keeping out any random menacing nasties.

Thanks for the reply StrengthenedWarrior

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no problem

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Totally agree. I would be kinda rude to just banish a guest that YOU invited in your home with out at least asking them to leave first.

I imagine inviting my best friend over for dinner. Then, instead of calling it a night, I chase them out of my house with a broom; with out warning! Hahaha :joy: I don’t think they would be coming back or doing me any favors anytime soon.

And I’ll have to think more about this triangle being a “scientific” manifestation process.

Many thanks fapa79


I haven’t found the need for one. I’ve read that if you work within a system that requires their use, you should use one, but frankly, wouldn’t know. I don’t feel any affinity towards any systems I’ve read about that requires heavy ceremony. If I did feel that urge, I may use one, but not in any restrictive manner.

I can say that intent goes a long way. If you were to use the triangle to help concentrate energies into one specific spot, then I could see the use for that. It wouldn’t be to “trap” the spirit into one small area, but to help the spirit manifest more easily, although I suspect this has more to do with limiting the area for the practitioner’s energy concentration than anything else. Just my opinion and I’m positive there are others on here with more experience and/or advanced theories on that topic.

I read Way of the Shaman by Harner in my teens (90’s) and that approach had a real impact on me that is still felt to this day. I’m very much a minimalist. I still read about Western Ceremonial Magick, even if I don’t partake much in it’s practices. Same with Chaos. It works for me, but I wouldn’t hesitate to change it if I needed to.

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Excellent. Thank you for the further explanation. I will probably do some tarot divination when I get closer to actually working with the Goetia.

And yes I would never want to restrict or bind them. If one has that much fear then they probably shouldn’t be working with demons until they master said fear. I am very ritualistic (at times) and my main concern is not one of fear but that I do not want to offend. But I like the notion of the triangle being used to focus MY energies not so much for restriction.

It’s funny you mention Shamanism. I have had many readings done and have been told that I am not so much VVitch but more Shaman. I more or less dismissed this as I considered myself to be a Mage. But, I am well aware that the path of the Shaman is not a path that one chooses willingly. It is a difficult journey that one is often dragged to, kicking and screaming.

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@Single_Seed_In_Hell if you can get hold of a copy of E. A. Koetting’s “Evoking Eternity” that will give you some good insight. He even lays down some guidelines and prepartions for evocation rituals. Very detailed grimoire. He refers to using a triangle not offenseive, but somewhere the spirit can physically manifest. As longs as the spirit is respected.

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Oooh thank you for the book reccommend. I will have to check it out. Since I am mostly familiar with Angelic evocation (and occasionally Santa Meurta); and I only know about demonic evocation in theory; I have no clue if it is the same.

I’ve been lurking here for so long and you all seem to really know your demons! I am very appreciative of your assistance Ja50nHack1975.

I think it is all about intention at the end of the day. I personally do use a triangle (after experimenting with both having one and not), but I use it as a doorway and a focal point for me as opposed to something to limit the spirits’ movements to that one spot. That might be why I haven’t had any backlash so far.

Different geometric shapes have proven to have unique effects when used in my own ritual experiments. Circles are stable and hold energy more gradually, where triangles are more intense and unstable in the long term. I’ve yet to try using a square for evocation purposes but it is on my list.


you can always get demons of magick by the GOM folks or 72 angels of magick if u want to work with angel. THey are the safest way to cast spells. Everything is explained clearly as well as safety precautions of all their spells. unlike those older books which copies info from one another old books. They have done all the research and testing of keeping the practical stuff from the lemmageton of working with goetia demons. So u don’t have to test by trial and error.

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Yes I am leaning toward that kind of visualization. I always cast a circle to contain energy and keep out nasties. And when I envoked LERAJE this past Tues (last night) I kinda sort of visualized a triangle. But it kept coming in flashes. I didn’t force it. i just kept reciting the Enn.

At first I didn’t notice any change. But then when the spellwork was complete I felt calm. Like everything was okay (I had been really upset earlier) and I was safe. I felt protected.

This was my first time evoking a Goetic Goddess and I already feel warm towards her. I am excited to build my bond.

Hi wisepup!

Thank you for the recommendations. So far I have 72 Angels of Magick. Read it once but now I need to go back with a fine tooth. I agree that Angelic Magick is the “safest”. I am very familiar with the Greater Keys. I also have Angles of Wrath as well. Now I am seeking to expand my horizons by becoming more familiar and comfortable with the Goetia. So far so good! :grinning:

@Single_Seed_In_Hell then get the demons of magick book. It’s exactly on the 72 demons of goetia. I meant that the whole GOM collection is the safest books around , not just the angel books one. =o)

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What is the path of the shaman? I am interested in learning more.

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That’s like asking if a condom is necessary during sex , not always , but it certainly is the safer route

Well I am not on that path, atm. I have been on so many paths in my lifetime. I currently am an Angelic summoning magician with Buddhist philosophical ideologies who has a love of the dark and a soft spot for demons. Lol. I do know that there are many other members who are actively on the shamanic path. Good luck LOTL.

Thank your your valuable input.