Is a relationship forever doomed once you cast spells on them?

Once you cast any spell on your SO, does that mean you will have to spend the rest of your relationship doing so or it keeps wearing off?

I notice that even glamour spells for myself, once it wears off, I feel much worse than I did at the beginning.

Is it the same with love spells and relationships where once you use demons to influence their feelings towards you, it never ever goes back to normal?

Also can anyone recommend who to work with for long term on going results?

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I think it’s different for everyone.

With eyesight, some people improve once they get glasses. Other people continue to decline. Other people stay the same.

It depends on the circumstances. Some peoples’ relationships might improve to the point where they no longer need spells.

Others may return to baseline.

Some may fall apart.

Sounds like the law of rhythm the pendulum swings to one side then the other , and also infringing on someone’s free will is never gonna be good in the long run; so you should work on making yourself more attractive and etc

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People are very complex. A love spell can work by either changing you to something the person would more easily fall in love with, enhancing their love for you if there is any, increasing your love and making them notice the intensity of it, making them more open to love, or probably an endless amount of other ways. So you can cast a love spell on someone and they can permanently be with you if they like the love and they genuinely find that they like you. Impermanence comes when there’s something that just makes you two incompatible, so they will likely over time wish to leave, in which case it’s probably better to leave further workings on them and just enjoy it for what it was.

A love spell does exactly that, it makes someone fall in love with you. But emotions are extremely solid, love fluctuates all the time, since that is just the nature of emotion.