Is a Pentagram/Hexagram necessary for summoning?


After Reading Demons of Magick and some of the Solomon books, I’m still confused regarding the fact to do I need a Pentagram/Hexagram to do any of the rituals? if somebody can clarify this it would be helpful. also, I’m, trying to Summon Bune.

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@Lady_Eva does not mention anything about a pentagram in her simple evocation guide:

But I’m also curious to know. In my first and only attempt at evocation I did not have a pentagram but I did visualize when I did the LBRP before and after the evocation attempt; so I’m interested in hearing what other members have to say…

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Only if you are are summoning using the Golden Dawn system.

In the book Summoning Spirits, by Konstantinos, for example, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram are both required because the book is based on the Golden Dawn.

Demons of Magick is a completely different system, and so doesn’t require Golden Dawn rituals. It has it’s own way of doing things, using Damon Brand’s Circle of Power, instead of the LBRP.

The Book of Solomon is also it’s own system and has it’s own specific method of summoning that does not require the Golden Dawn rituals.


ahhh Figured much, since both books stated a legacy and new or different methods, Interesting to learn. but I like quick and simple. It also depends on the situation of course. but I sometimes feels I made a pack like Bune for example is always around, but I feel like I need to do it right similar to the guide which I missed being on this forum for some reason. I will try to do it this Friday I got green candle and black candle. I have a sigil of bune and I charged it a while ago with blood.

Yea I kind of like this method also,. I think is simple.

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I like the LBRP, so even though I mainly evoke using the system of EA Koetting, which does not require it, I still occasionally do it because I find it peaceful and a good way to get things rolling.

Most of the time, however, I just sit in my UC and make the call.

Do you have instructions on that way ? I would like to see all ways possibles

I basically get into trance, invoke Omnipotence, open the spirit’s seal, and call them. Sometimes I will use EA’s Incantation to Summon Forth, but most of the time I just call, “Spirit, come!” until I get a response.

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ahhh, I’m going to try it with my Wife, and see which way works for us.

Also, what do you do about parasites, I ask because My kids live with me. so what are some precautions

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Banishing and wards.

No you don’t need those things but just like all our ritual tools they are there to help you in your work. The pentagram and hexagram have many meanings in the occult and the purpose is to speak those meanings to the subconscious with symbolism. For example the pentagram is the golden ratio and represents the spiral and growth of nature and the hexagram represents the symmetry and balance of the dual forces of nature. You can do magick with a toilet plunger as a tool and the hokey pokey as your ritual and have success because it’s all ultimately up to you.


My question is, Can Magik backfire ect if you are not using a protection method?

It backfires when you start to worry about it backfiring.

Makes total sense.

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