Is a good thing to join Internet forums/websites?

Hi guys!

I’m asking that because I realised that reading occult post (here and elsewhere) I have a very big confusion in my head.
I mean… everyone says his/her point of view, but where is the Truth with capital T?
I think I need to stop and reorganise my LHP beliefs…


everyone is his own truth :slight_smile:
pick up information everywhere and see where it suits you better
each person of this univers is unique :slight_smile: and so is the knowledge " infinite"


The truth is within you! Reading everyone’s opinion with a grain of salt never hurts. I like to know what people think and I believe what I want and feel is truth in my own reality. Nothing is true until you think it’s the truth and nothing is false until you doubt the truth.


Whatever the particular capital-T Truth is for you, it will come with experience. The more you do magick, and the more you interact with the multiverse on an individual level, the more your beliefs will change as they are molded by whatever you encounter (or at least they should. Some people, however, cling to their beliefs like a drowning man does to a life preserver, and refuse to adapt to any new input).

In the occult, beyond some core principles upon which the practice of magick is based, there is no capital-T Truth that is the same for everyone. That is religion’s territory, and the LHP is not religion, but simply a different way of interacting with the multiverse.

Magick, whether LHP or RHP, is very subjective, and you will find that what you experience will cater to whatever biases you hold, and if you are unable to adapt to anything that contradicts those ingrained biases (and everyone has them), then you will not grow. That is why meditation and introspection are considered essential, no matter what path you walk.