Is a creepy-crawly infestation curse possible?

Hi BALG, it’s been a while.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to curse some child molester who got released from a pathetic prison sentence. He lives in Southern California. Now, as someone who has recently learned to love arthropods, I’m wondering if they could be called upon in a magick spell to his house.

Would it be possible to use magick to call upon hordes and/or swarms of mosquitos (likely with malaria, west nile virus, zika, etc), horse flies (I’ve heard that some of them might be able to carry parasites to transmit to humans), black widows, bark or giant arizona scorpions (some of the most deadly kinds) to bite this man, and/or have a major termite infestation appear to his house? If so, what are some entities, deities, that are in charge of arthropods, if any? Or are there any good bug-controlling spells you know of that may create an outcome I might want?

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It is unlikely you would be able to specifically have illness carrying bugs attack him, but attracting insects can be done, though probably not like you are envisioning. Real magick is not Hollywood movie magick so a tidal wave of insects swarming him is highly improbable.


My guess if you wanted to pursue that would be either, Beelzebub the Lord of the flies, or Pazuzu Lord of fevers and plagues (maybe in tandem).

Beyond that I have no idea.


Had some recent personal trouble. I think Beelzebub was helping me all along (and even throughout the current/recent trial- my problem is anger I suppose, anger that is seemingly endless to the point of attracting/generating garbage)
My basement became infested with disgusting cobwebs, centipedes, and had this overwhelming gloom in the atmosphere that’s only just really cleared maybe a couple days ago (when I left hospital).
In this current balanced state, I think Beelzebub would help.

When I think of insect infestation and disease, I think of decay. So Beelzebub. Namtar or Lamastu comes to mind. I would focus less on how to dispose of the target when approaching them and let them have free range on him.


Use voudon. Sango