Is a burned sigil considered closed?


Over the past few weeks I’ve used a few sigils for various long term purposes (protection, strengthening of friendships) and I’m not sure how much is too much.
I concentrated my will on self made sigils, and burned them after the ritual so it may serve its long term purpose. This makes me wonder what people exactly mean when they say you shouldn’t have more than 3 sigils open at a time.

I certainly don’t feel as if there are any conflicting energies around me, but just for the sake of clarity; Am I missing something?

Interesting. I have a stack of sigils lying around.

I rarely burn my spirit sigils. I do burn my chaos magick sigils after I charge them and send them out. As far as I’m concerned I want the spirits to stay in my life or I wouldn’t have called them.
Edit: Didn’t answer your original question sorry. A burned sigil would be considered closed if you intended the act of burning to be the end of its use.

The topic of number of active sigils got brought up here that may give ya some insights.

Topic is brought up at 13:00 if ya dont wanna go through the whole thing.

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After opening them I either burn them or wrap them in foil and write the name on the foil.

If they’re not for ongoing projects, you may want to burn them or otherwise dispose of 'em. I’ve seen quite a few testimonials to feeling more clear-headed and like a psychic weight was lifted after getting rid of open sigils that were laying around. Energy needs to be directed and unfocused energy can be detrimental if you let it build up.