Is a Abkian djinn

the djnn Abkian are the rael?

The Abkian – History and Information

civilization - The Abki. These remnants include ancient scripts detailing the power that they were
able to summon and the blessings that were given to the people. The scripts talk of an awesome
power, a great spirit what would change the course of history forever.
The Egyptians knew that there are two realms, the world of light in which we live and a world of
light in which these ancient spirits lived. 10,000 years ago the Egyptians opened a gate between
our world and theirs. Before they closed this gate, they were able to summon a very small number
of great Djinns. Spirits that are not only loyal to humanity but eager to help and improve our lives.

For thousands of years the great Egyptian culture was blessed and taken care of because of
these spirits. The Pharaohs used this Great Spirit to bless their people. Food, wealth, and luxury
were common.

After a great struggle in power, the Abkian spirit vanished. Only a few artifacts and mysterious
scripts remained; all which were hidden in the world’s most remote places. These artifacts speak
of an incredible spirit, a Djinn that thrive in the light, waiting for the day when its power could be
used again.

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