Irritating Red

Hello all… hope you all are doing great. It’s been one month now THE RED COLOR irritates me like anything… more bright more annoying… I can’t help it. In public I cannot even look at something of this color. It’s making me angry annoyed and mad. Red used to be my favourite color :woozy_face: . Any idea about it??


red sound like red but even more pink


Colour association probably something or someone has angered you in the past and now you have associated the colour Red with this feeling. Changing it from like or love to hate. So maybe see what exactly triggers this feeling when seeing red. What situation does it remind you off and try to remember what happened. That the real reason behind it not the actual colour.


I agree with @kiss-lamia-lilith.

If you think of it like thoughts - feelings - actions then you can start to unpick the reason behind it.

You may find your feelings are increasing due to the fact your not seeing the meaning behind it.

I’m not a red kinda girl either but I know it came from a childhood experience (sitting/covered in blood when I was 3)

You could try exploring it with the focus to unpick the issue surrounding the colour.


Are you or have you worked with Belial? This could be a sign of him

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I get this for pink. Even the name repulses me, but I’ve never liked it.

For me I think it stems from childhood where I slowly started to associate it with negativity, saccharine (fake sweetness), poisonous food, war, painful death: the froth from the mouth of dying animals hit by cars, exposed brains, and my mother who loved fuchsia pink.

I’m alright with it naturally produced in flowers, but not dyed flowers - back to fake again.


This is most likely a psychological thing. Maybe there was something in your past (probably childhood) that was associated with the color red that you disliked. It may not even be a memory that you remember.

If you don’t mind me asking- do you like blood, dislike it, or neither? This is usually one of the heaviest traumatic links to the color red that can cause an aversion to it.

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Usually red represents the fire, or power, war, angry…

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Im like that with orange. For a few reasons, but one being because of one of the first times I remember seeing vomit. My whole life that color has been associated with it lol.


You might have so much of the red energy that you are over filled with it. Might focus on other colors to balance the red ( fire element is associated with red. )


I have tried to focus on the color and no human comes to my mind who made me angry (there are people but I can control emotions I ignore it) when I see red I feel it’s the gateway of hell the door or portal whatever you say… this scares me at first thn irritates me and gets me a feeling that some hell gate will open if I focus more and simultaneously I hate it so much I don’t even see it. Monstrous color it is.

I m working with Baal and Lucifuge closely… it’s been couple of months now…

I love blood. That’s why it wonders me more I shouldn’t hate red right? Blood goes in my mouth at least one drop everyday bcz of the rituals and everything the extra amount of blood I take it by myself . Psychic vampirism doesn’t work for me I literally need blood but not everyday. It’s just the rituals m doing needs blood everyday.

May be … m working with saturnian spirits from a long time… every single day m offering blood and they are fire energies… may be that’s the reason I guess.

This thing has started with saturnian spirits … red kinda forces me to take blood … it doesn’t remind me of any past incident or person. It shows me hell entrance, blood, hatred, becoming a beast… something like that.

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I hate the colour blue, can’t stand the classic 'primary colour bright blue", mostly because my synethesia makes blues have the most horrifying metal scratching on a chalkboard sound. However, I know that blue is best for intuition, and the colour puts me a mental psychic state like no other. It sucks that you hate red, but instead of lashing out at and claiming how much you hate it, try just tolerating it. It’s not exactly attacking you or harming you, so why go into aggressive defense mode?

For me with blue, I learned that it doesn’t matter how much I hate it, getting angry isn’t helpful at all. It’s a colour that’s very helpful and useful (as red is!), and so I put my anger aside, and just work with it when I need to.

Red is also an angry colour, have you tried using your hate of red to fuel anger for energy raising?

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Yeah I also feel that red can take me into trance but it’s just like a horror face is in front of your eyes and may be it’s offering you something but as it’s not great you are avoiding it… I think I should also focus on it as m working with fire energies as well and see how the red works . Thankss :slightly_smiling_face:


@Rose_Lily Yeah the negative memory is probably behind that gate. Eventually you will have to visit it and try to heal the damage that it has caused you.


IMO There would be a link some where, it’s funny I’ve never associated red with hell :thinking:

We have a tendency to block memories/past life experiences especially negative ones, exploring the subconscious is a great place to start.

maybe you can use some techniques like hypnotherapy to help decipher wherever this is related to your subconscious or magic.

Well I don’t understand what’s funny in my situation :slightly_smiling_face: . Past is healed and it doesn’t bother me at all… regarding red associating with hell is totally my thing ( I dont even consider hell heaven thing first of all) if you read my replies to other comments you would see I m working with lucifuge rofocale and I see him always surrounded by fire lava etc which shows red color arround + I work with blood everyday day… may be that’s the reason when I saw red I got hell picture in mind… it’s all temporary visions which we all get sometimes meaningful sometimes not so meaningful… anyways thank you very much :+1::blush: