Ironically Named and Tasty Wine For Sacrifices and Rituals

OK, so we were looking for a decent bottle of wine at around $10-$15 and we found this at about $9. We both thought it was ironic considering what we were going to do with it (hint). Believe it or not - it is actually REALLY good for the price. Highly recommend it just to enjoy or use in a ritual (seriously). Aside from the name and “face” on the bottle it is really good. But then again I tend to lean towards the Chilean wines a bit. Not sure why.


That wine is excellent. Also try, Witching Hour red, The Magician red, Prophecy white or red.:hugs:


Mmmmm. Wine is the best.

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This is the wine i offered to Lilith when she asked for a red. She seemed to enjoy it 'cause she asked for more :grin:


Nice… I’ve used Alma Negra…a Malbec blend. Fantastic… About $18


Yes! I’ve tasted that before. Totally agree.

You just named three new adventures I’ve never explored. Thanks. I will look for those.

I should do that too. I owe her for introducing me to a first class succubus that has been a blessing and a valued new family member. Even the dog likes her.

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Apothic makes some good ones. Here’s one I bought last week:

Lilith, Lucifer, Astaroth/Astarte, Beleth, and King Paimon all had this!


Would it be fair to say, if you offer something “nice” i.e. not cheap and nasty, they will most likely appreciate/like it?

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Just my opinion? I believe if you give them something that YOU actually like, they appreciate it. So if a person likes Mad Dog 20/20 or Night Train - They will appreciate it. But if you are like most of us and realize Mad Dog and Night Train are nasty swamp swill and you offer it to them while saving what you like for yourself - they might be less appreciative.

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I’ve used this wine many times myself, it tastes great and has an awesome name. If you buy it during the Halloween season it actually comes in a small coffin


Freakshow red blend, Michael David. Another good one, The Velvet Devil red, has a large pitchfork on label.

Vampire wine taste great, I haven’t seen it at the store lately.

Have you tried Crystal Head Vodka Aurora? The vodka is filtered through diamonds. The vodka comes out rainbow colored. Comes in a glass skull bottle. I haven’t tried the Aurora yet, but, Crystal Head makes excellent vodka. I love wine, but, don’t even get me started on beer and mead, too.