Ironic Job Need Advice

So things have been getting better and back in the military. Now I am a Chaplains Assistant now and the Chaplain and his apprentice are super hardcore Christians. Apparently going outside of your denomination gets you fired. So what do y’all think?

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Honest opinion here and you might not like it: Walk away if you still can. We are going to be at war within 12 months, IMO, maybe sooner. Why die on a lie for something as common as money in a situation where you are not even allowed spiritual freedom? Piss on that…

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Yesiree Bob. I read Trump signed this thing where he could recall all retired military. Your thoughts?

Well I had service left turns out despite me from being inactive reserves. And trust me shit was cray. Also I know it happened as part of my wealth pathworking rituals

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Ahh, that is a bit different. If you feel you are acting in accordance be very careful to shield your practice, then, spiritually and physically. They are fairly easy to dupe on that level. Don’t ask don’t tell, lol, just on a whole new level.


I’m fairly sure there was an executive order in place already which states he can “reactivate” service members within (x) amount of time of completing a term of service. Anything further would be just an expansion of that, and would only be used in severe circumstances.

Not 100% sure, though. I am not a member.

Did you know within what time that was for the Executive Order?

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I believe it was in the Bush presidency.

Tell them to respect your right to religious freedom

A non-rude version of “You made your bed…” - but that’s not very helpful, is it? :thinking:

Maybe @ashtkerr will have advice on handling this situation, it’s outside my experience. :smiley:

@Pwnie Evoke a Spirit and ask them to find you another greater source of prosperity.

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