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If she is ugly you are a very dirty pair of pooed knickers.


I love you too nox




Wauw! A very original version of her since most of the times, isnt she dressed as a reaper? cloak in diffrent colours?


Yes. This is a Day of the Dead statue, not one specifically of Santa Muerte. But it reminds me so much of her white aspect, which I’ve probably interacted with the most, that I got it for her & she likes it.


May 23rd, 2019

Ok, before I forget:

  • *make another rose
  • *paint painting of her for her altar
  • *draw drawing of her for novena candle
  • *touch up paint on her new altar
  • cornbread muffin offering
  • novena at a later date

I’ve been a busy little magical bee, lately. :honeybee:

Ok, so I did my job spell at the planned times on May 15th. But I was hit with inspiration & winged the spell (I usually plan everything out in advance). I’ve been cleaning up my ritual area & when I saw my statues of Artemis & Buddha, I decided to make them a part of the work, as well. Santa Muerte didn’t seem to mind too much.


So, I knew I was going to use a green chime candle as the main focus of my spell (green for money, growth, & GO). I’ve used magical & ancient alphabets to inscribe candles in the past, but I decided to just use English, this time. I didn’t want any possible translation/transliteration errors fucking things up. It seems less “magickal” or special, but so what?

So then I went looking for what incense/herbs to use. I bopped around a few websites & came upon this one. I had 6 of the 8 ingredients for the “Incense For Job Search Spell.” I have frankincense & sandalwood incense sticks. And, I found a brand new pansy-scented Yankee Candle votive while going through my supplies. I didn’t have any vervain or mugwort, at the time. So that left me with basil, clove, & cinnamon. I knew cloves & cinnamon would be difficult to burn (I didn’t have charcoal or anything to burn herbs in) & I didn’t want to just try to burn some basil.

So I whipped out Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs & started looking at the correspondence lists. I decided to use the basil, cloves, & cinnamon in an oil to dress the candle. Since I’m close to Athena & she likes to help those she likes & relates to wisdom & because I always have it on hand, I made olive oil the base. I added some almond extract for prosperity & money; ginger for power, success, & money; & nutmeg for luck, prosperity, & money.

I also was pleased to read that basil also causes sympathy between two people & cloves are burned to stop gossip. I believe part of the problem I’ve been having in getting a new job has been caused by the head of HR at my old place saying bad things about me. She used to like me, but switched to hating me, almost overnight. I think I know why & if so, it’s a really stupid reason (bullshit office rumors). BUT… I also wasn’t great at my last job. I gave it my all, but it was far too physical for me (I worked at Target & they had me lifting furniture like giant bookcases & couches non-stop). I’m talented intellectually, but not physically. Sometimes I couldn’t pull my weight.) So I made sure to incorporate those powers of basil & cloves into my spell.

I get downstairs & mix up my oil. I light a stick of frankincense & a stick of sandalwood. I ask Santa Muerte (who’s pretty much always around) if she’s ok with Artemis & Buddha being part of this spell, too. She said ok, though I could feel a little tug of her wondering why I didn’t think she was enough coming from her. I didn’t really do much to evoke Artemis & Buddha. Jupiter hour starts & I inscribe “Good Job 4 Me” down the green chime candle and, for some reason, I decide to inscribe it on the pansy-scented votive, as well. I also had a partially used sandalwood candle that I lit to heat my inscription tool. I did that in like 5 minutes. I dressed the candles with the oil, put them in their holders (gold for the green candle & green for the purple pansy votive) & lit them.

I put my hands around the green candle’s holder & focus my intent through the candle & out into the world, then back to me. I chant over & over as it burns: “Bring a good job to me, let them see how good I’ll be.” (I know, a little lame, but simple little rhyming couplets seem to work better than intricately worded poems. :woman_shrugging:t2:) I feel a little like a dumbass, lol, so I look to Santa Muerte’s altar & ask her to join her energy in. I keep chanting, feeling something is off about the couplet; that it could sound better & be more powerful. I can’t put my finger on it, yet, so I just keep saying it as is.

Then I turn my attention towards Artemis. I ask her to help me become independent, like her, & able to take care of myself. I ask her to shoot down any negative words that woman may say about me with her silver arrows & ask that those words never reach their targets. At this moment, I remember that the woman I used to work with had a nickname that rhymes with her real name & that nickname is the name of an animal. I ask Artemis to slay “animal name/woman’s nickname” for me & make sure she is no longer a threat. Then I get a little more inspiration & add on to my chant. “Bring a good job to me, let them see how good I’ll be. Speak no words of negativity; only positives about me.” That becomes my new chant for awhile & I visualize & send my energy out & all that jazz. So now there’s 3 beings’ energy working for me (Me, Santa, & Artemis).

I look to Buddha & the thought briefly passes my mind "why did I include you?" Not in a bad way, just in a “how can you fit into this” sorta way. I see his smiling face & just ask him to make everyone happy & to be chill, like him. He smiles back at me & I know he’s on board. Further inspiration strikes & I change my chant again. “Bring a good job to me, let them see my excellency. No negatives spoken about me; only positivity.” Do the whole visualizing, feeling the energies, sending them out, bringing them back, yada yada. Feeling pretty good about having 3 deities helping me with this spell.

By the time Jupiter hour is over, the green chime candle has not burnt out. The votive is maybe half-way melted. I know I have a Sun hour coming up, so I hope I can burn them out during that. I come back during the Sun hour & connect with the 3 deities again, then visualize, focus, chant, etc. Green candle burns out, but by the end of the Sun hour, the votive still has far to go. :confused: Now I don’t know what to do. Should I put the votive out? I need to burn it all during the waxing moon. I reluctantly put it out & decide to finish the spell at a later time.

Luckily, I picked a Wednesday to start this working, because I’m trying to break into clerical work without having professional experience in an office. Decided all that Mercury/communication energy was the way to go. So I burned the votive some the next day, on Thursday, cause Jupiter is for luck & job searches, etc. But it still wasn’t consumed by the end of Thursday, argh! I never used a votive in spellwork before, I didn’t know they burned for so damned long! Since the full moon was on Saturday, May 18th, I’m worried I lost my window of opportunity for this spell during this moon cycle.

But then I realize that planetary days & hours just increase your odds of success, they aren’t exactly necessary. So I decide to finish up the spell by burning the rest of the votive on Sunday (the day of success) & only focusing on the “making that woman not talk badly about me” aspect of it, cause it was a waning moon then. I finish my “get a good job” spell working on Sunday, May 19th. And the next day, after going over a month without a job interview or any communication from places of employment (& sending dozens of resumes out during that time), I get a call for a job interview. BAM, I still got it. :sunglasses:

Edit to add: Oh yeah & I forgot to mention… I was wondering how Buddha fit into the spell & why I felt inspired to bring him in on it. I also was worrying about the whole “Ok, getting someone to not talk shit is easier than getting them to keep bad but true things to themselves.” And then I found this

"Furthermore His speech too was Sublime - Sugato. The Buddha adhered to certain moral principles in the choice of His words, conducive to good and well-being of His followers. Of His method of Preaching, it was said: Such speech as the Blessed One knows to be false and untrue, harmful to people, displeasing and unwelcome to the listener, He did not speak and refrained from using.

Such speech as was true but harmful to people, displeasing and unwelcome to the listener, He did not use.

Such speech as He knew to be true, conducive to good, yet displeasing and unwelcome, He knew when to speak. Such speech as was untrue and incorrect, harmed others, yet pleasing and welcome to still others, He did not use. Such speech as He knew to be true, but harmful, though pleasing and welcome to still others, He also did not speak.

And of speech He knew to be true, pleasing and welcome, contributes to the good of others, He knew the time and where to speak. The Buddha thus displayed supremacy in addressing His followers transforming them to lead righteous lives. He was Sugato, His speech too was sublime."

And what did I ask Buddha to do for me in this spell? To make everyone be happy & chill, like him. Yeah, boi!


You go girl!!!

Thanks for sharing this spellwork.

Somehow, candle spells with focused/psychic intent are powerful as fuck…


Thank you & you’re welcome! I thought I’d type it out for anyone interested. :smiley:


Probebly gonna make use of it since i have to get a new way of earning moniez after august.
Just had a year contract so yeah xp


Let me know how it works out! :smiley:

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The daffodils I planted for Santa Muerte are coming up. Their season is over & I planted them in the spring, rather than the fall like you’re supposed to. If they bloom, I’ll know that’s her handiwork. :grin:


My irises, on the other hand, are taking their sweet time blooming, this year. I’m impatient.


Since I’m impatient for the few irises I have left to bloom, here’s some photos of blooms past.

First, my favorite tall-bearded iris – it’s name is Conjuration.

The diamond-dusted Daughter of Stars TBI
(This is its second blooming season, in November!
TBIs are big, but these are massive – flowers as big as my head!)

Daughter%20of%20Stars%20blooming%20Nov%202008%20-%204 Daughter%20of%20Stars%20blooming%20Nov%202008%20-%205

Daughter of Stars with Alien Mist

Alien Mist

Lady Friend & Alien Mist

Lady Friend

Lady Friend with an orange climbing rose

Misty Lady



I forgot the name of this one, unfortunately. (Hemstitched is similar, but not it.)


Ice Wings & Harmonium

Freshly bloomed Gentle Grace (Standard Dwarf Bearded Iris)

And back around to a variegated TBI with little Tete-a-Tete daffodils (the ones that are growing as we speak).


Ok, to make this post a bit magickal… orris root is made from powdered iris rhizomes. The kind I used to get was made from wild iris (blue flag), I believe. The new supplier I order from uses iris germanica (similar to these), which is stronger scented & makes me sneeze, doh!

(I also love wild iris, Siberian iris, & Japanese iris.)
Here’s some info I have about magical uses of these plants (I’m paraphrasing here.)

Iris (any variety/species): “Feminine, Planet: Venus, Element: Water. Sacred to Iris (duh) & Juno. Powers: Purification & Wisdom. Has been used for purification since Roman times. Place fresh flowers in the area to be cleansed. The 3 points of the flower symbolize faith, wisdom, & valor – so they can be used to induce these qualities.”

Orris Root: “Sacred to Iris, Hera, Aphrodite, Osiris, & Isis. Powers: Love, Protection, Divination. Known as Love-Drawing Powder. In Japan, it protects against evil spirits. The roots & sword-like leaves are hung from the eaves of the house & added to bath water for personal protection. Can use a root as a pendulum.”

Daffodil: “Feminine, Venus, Water. Powers: Love, Fertility, Luck. Placed on the altar during love spells. Placed in the bedroom to increase fertility. Carried for love. Worn next to the heart for good luck.”


They are so beatuiful :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much! :grin:

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May 25th, 2019

Ok, so concerning my banishing spells this moon cycle, I altered things, yet again. I didn’t do any working on the 20th because things came up. On the 21st, I made the meal (salad & aglio e olio), but I made it & we ate it during the Moon Hour, cause my parents were hungry & didn’t want to wait any longer to eat. I figured the Moon Hour would be gentler than a Saturn Hour for something taken internally. I didn’t tell my parents I was including them in this spell, lol! But to avoid perhaps feeling a little guilty about lack of consent, I just asked the plants to please gently rid us of anything harmful; harmful emotions, harmful thoughts, or anything harmful in our bodies. We all got sleepier than usual after dinner & crashed out watching tv, lol. The salad didn’t taste very good, but the pasta was awesome. I haven’t noticed any difference in any of us since then, except we’ve all been extremely tired & sleeping a lot. I’m not sure what that’s all about. But there were no violent reactions to the enchanted food, so I’m happy. :ok_hand: But, since I fell asleep… the purifying bath was not done. :frowning_face: Looks like I may need to wait til June 1st to do that.

But, on May 22nd, I did a binding spell on the woman at my old work that I’m afraid is talking badly about me. I basically did Vovin’s Freezer Spell, with the added addition of wrapping the scroll around a piece of alum. :wink: I believe these were the timing correspondences for that working (I made notes, but can only find part of them, at the moment.): Counts as a Tuesday for Planetary Days, Jupiter Planetary Hour, Moon in Cap (Good for: All types of banishment, all business and career ventures, especially moving up the ladder, & success.),18th Lunar Day (favours the beginning of long-term projects, especially those aimed at earning money), 22nd Lunar Mansion (Good for speed, personal power, & escaping from difficult situations. Bad for financial matters, trade, & hiring employees, doh! But also good to suppress rumors, create goodwill between individuals, & the binding of tongues. “Warnock : Make images to cure illness, to cause good will between allies, … for binding tongues so that they don’t say anything evil.” So we’ll see what happens with that.

I told ya, busy little magical bee. :honeybee:


I’ve been thinking of working with MCA. He’d be awesome as a spiritual mentor.


Bzzz Bzzz :honeybee:


Links to my job strategy rune reading by @Brujo_Angelito.

Post 1

Post 2

Jera – Perthro – Thurisaz


" Object of power: Mill-stone, scythe" Interesting.

“Present significance: violence, attack, aggression. When reversed, this rune tends to mean defensiveness rather than aggression. Mjolnir is often considered as a balancing aspect of Thurisaz – the positive manifestation of this troublesome rune, which, once mastered is unmatched in power and might.” “This meditation is designed to balance the energies of Thurisaz that build up around us in response to stressful and emotional events. The energy of Thurisaz manifests in the fight or flight response”


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