i recently read ipissimus and i was wondering if sat nam is the abrahamic god? maybe yahweh is being an imposer and pretending to be sat nam? maybe the “prophets” were people similar to the teacher mentioned in that book and over time it got distorted into the bullshit we see today? Just a theory :man_shrugging:

Why linked to Yahweh?

by yahweh i just mean “god” as in the christian god maybe i am wrong though

No, Sat Nam is not Yahweh.


They are different beings, but have you looked into the beliefs of Judaism before it was monotheistic. There was a belief in multiple gods and that the one in the Bible/Torah was a minor trickster God named Saklas. It was in one of the rejected books called the book of Judas and if I’m not mistaken it was found with the dead sea scrolls, which are the oldest versions if the Bible that were found. Hope this helps.


i though so :grin: nice