Ipos nagging me and sticking around

Not really interesting but…
Ipos has been with me for 3-4 days now… he does not want to leave saying he wants me…? he sends me images of sexual intercourse with him…and want to work with me… @Lady_Eva i know that you always say that we are not forced to answer a call but what does he want? i mean “really”?
He came as soon as i started to work with Sorath… is it competition?


I’m not sure, I’ve not establised a strong link to him and am still handling a ton of mundane work right now… maybe someone else will be more helpful. :+1:

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thank you :wink:

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Anything in here resonate with you?


@HermesHorse thank you!
i got what i wanted i guess :slight_smile:but he could have been clearer…:wink: :kissing_heart:

He can unbind entities from one’s aura and protect her from psychic attack.
He can either remove emotional attachments or make them firmer, and he specializes in the use and consecration of black mirrors and crystal balls.

He can reconcile friendships, reveal secrets, and influence decisions. He rules over self-development and divination.


Well from my favourite book and I recommend everyone buy this book by Gordon Winterfield - Demons of Magick - spoiler below so roll over it please to see and click as I don’t want to obviously distribute his work.


end of spoiler


i have it! and i am working with it since a long time.

i’m about to oder the hard copy tomorrow :joy::joy::joy:

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I’m at the point - the only thing missing from it are the ENNS. GRRRRR!

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so true!!!
but in the ritual i call the demons with the enns! :joy::joy::joy:
such a mix

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thanks for the book recommendation. I’m finding a bit in search but I’m finding information on Ipos hard to come by online.