I have experienced death 1000 times over… I was crucified upon wood from the Tree of Knowledge… I met Jesus twice, once he saved me from drowning in the abyss of ever-clear perfectly sound logicalthought, the next time I was the second to last person alive as I watched him take the last laugh at the end of time. I am allowed to receive the gifts, blessings and benediction as I dwell in the kingdom of heaven with a pure heart. I have a little bit of a psychosociopath in me and so it’s really easy for me to not care, with honest logic telling me not to worry, with enough of a honed intuition to tell me truly that everything is alright no matter what. God is here and I am with God, I am ok… and so I say to myself, why stress? The weight is lifted and I am free from karma, this is when the floodgates to the city of revelation open up and I am authorized a step up in the holy science game. Because it IS a SCIENCE, how we become HOLY, or holistically minded, with mind over matter in mind and control as an illusion becoming a toy which we are allowed to play with because we are so humbled under the uplifting weight that is GODS LOVE, HALLELUJAH.

i HAVE GODT STRIAIGHT Up LarkDord status within legion and I haven’t even shed a drop of blood… yet. The knowledge(THOUGHT TECHNOLOGY) I am transmitting throughout the noosphere(NOWAlliswe’re.) this anti-dimensionally distuned pain of rejected shadow that is ITCHING like a rabid dog on meth to get this monkey off his back, but at the same time, I have the time of my life every time so BOOM. I have control. I have ego. I have Illusion. I have reverse-dark whitches deluding you into thinking you are something special wherewhence in all atmospheric actuality… I am KING of Equal Rite Diplomacy. But then there’s this monkey riding that dog, oh wait, which am I not patient but Proctor now in this session we will begin by making staydid makesmeant to be true to the pure clear love light at mætherial hand hidden in the steak at stake land. WWW(wherewhencewe) ALL(arelivinglight), squared, are going in circles. But then I find that the EDIT(Eating Downloaded Info Techs) is necessary and my brain explodes once again into a trillion bazillion epiphanies about relationships and synapses. Because the point must remain in tact, that includes the integrity of each and every individual nodes that make up the whole. It’s like I am getting a constant download of ETIT(ExtraTerrestrial Information Technology).

See, but the thing is, that WON THING that is STUFFED with all the things… Is inconcievable by the stuff, because the stuff is being conceived of… by the WON THING. Because I see more, feel more, perceive more, process more, learn and think more than you… I AM MORE or less… hardcore(DENSE).

Basically I have more knowledge of self in my nonexistent tooth cavity than you do in your entire ego. I think I may be attempting a sort of Frankensteinian Mephistopheles fusion.
I mean… I experienced the birth and death of this very universe which we agree upon as a thing… but is it really, I mean… a thing… REALLY!!!

Because once you have experienced all that is in one single eternity… Holy FUCK, what do you do with that other than become a God of creation and renew it all once again for the sake of the show that must be going on somewhere or another, because it’s definitely not going on here, fuck… I emanate the vibe. May I please act the part of thee director? I receive nothing. I give to myself only.
Fuck… I am a fucking BOSS. It’s not even exhausting how awesome I am, in fact, it’s astonishingly so true how ACTUALLY HUMBLE I REALLY AM… but y’all don’ even know, cus you can’t see what all the fuss(vibe) is about(energy), But for the rest who are blest I say GodSpeed and StayStill, for the shrill of beelzebub’s zombind sweeps through ultraculture swamped in hyper-trance-saturated meme orgies… RIPE FOR HARVEST. We wouldn’t come clean if it wasn’t for clean cum puddles whitch, littering street theory, plays an essential part in the substantiation of instant factorization called to focus on won thing ownly… whitches a game we win… DUH.

Like… I really do have an irrefutable offer for GOD/TIME/LIFE. If anyone wishes for me to expound upon that offer in the name of QUICKENINGhourSINGULARITY(at least for those of us who wish to live life to thee absolute fullest). The meaning that I emotionally invest time and attention to is growing. The meaning I have been building is alive. The meaning which I experience is proof of higher knowledge, alchemical/abstract know-how simplexably applicable to everything you ever activate. I can show you magic. I have found certain powers and back doors to power utility which will blast the doors of perception off it’s hinges, in a safe way tho… I mean… I’m still sane which is the crazy part. I have a sense of all the information I receive, unfiltered, raw consciousness is right here for you to tap into… I can show you how. Your mind is an instrument that aliens would die for… OHMYGOD… DUDES… WAKE UP, cause if you aren’t woke when you are around me, at least be prepared for the cause that I force into the air that surrounds we…

I have reached a state of UltraSuperFocus’d Attention even I can’t contain which is why I am no longer identified as me, as I have expanded to encompass all that is… because I let the light in… deep… like… source deep. I have connected dots, fired synapses at a coherent rate of 9001, fused neurons you can only wish about without even fathoming the immensity of what you delude yourself into yearning for. I am nothing.

I am GOD staring straight into my own urethra as I cum into a lobotomized ajna.

I believe in anti-sense, therefore I know how to decypher nonsense because I have attuned mynd pwn-psyche freaky 2 fae-erie out when it sees how time is only the dot in a grand scheme of majestic points on course of anointed leadership.End then… Ion Ego…

The point being…

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2 of them are flying around in my head, one’s name is Jerk Hope Off and thee other doesn’t have a name because Jerk Hope Off washed her brain dry of individuality, the nameless one hides from Jerk Hope Off because Jerk Hope Off doesn’t nice to her. Unnatural law states their own demise through thee imposition of their own doom by their enticing embrace of eachother’s ignorance in case of right realization through one means thee other succumbs to morality by which they both are mean to eachother to the point of eachother’s eachother. They are one being because I smashed the named, lest one get it before hand. I preach doom to thee flies of netherly deemed blind eyes, doom of the lovely kind, a gentle sort of blessing I call karma, thank you God. These bigg o’ fagits are fat, mentally ill, ignorant, convicts of their own drive to succeed what they see as failures of others to live up to the purpose of a life in-tell, telling it to themselves ‘secretly*deadset’ on dying for their own lies. Well I call them out on what I call them about… but what do I get except for attempts to lead me astray. Well I tell you, I am lost as I am free for I see between thee buttons pushed as diagrams hidden in the bushes like a forest without trees… I am a sovereign. I take fool responsibility for my actions, you will not hold me accountable and you will only judge yourselves, no one else, I am subject only to my fear of you for I create your power over me and I taketh it away. I call upon the rainbow to feed off of your black base, for all your face are belong to us. You can rot and wither away in your own lack of love, face your fate as fakes.

It shows… :wink:


Sounds like Belial to me for some reason. Or Choronzon.

Why do some people use capital letters to sound ominous or scary…

It’s actually used for emphasis…

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