Involuntary astral projection?

I closed my eyes out of being tired because of I was reading sort of meditating. By that I mean third eye pressure engaging occult learning. a few seconds went by it was a hypnogogic state the state between Wakefulness and sleep-fulness I then felt like I was falling out of body. I then became aware and came back to the present awareness which means I stopped feeling like I am falling out of my body!

yeah it can happen. Not often but can happen.
Gosh i regret every single time i stopped myself from outing my body for whatever reason (usually fear) at the beginning of my journey.
Next time that happen just relax, let go of fear and go with it. You can at any point ask for help to your guides/gods/angels/etcetera if ever needed during the experience…
Energy working will help. You know as you start doing energy working start storing energy around your navel chakra.
Also, next time you;ve a lucid dream, just shoot yourself into space. Like UP into space.

I astral projected many times before, I just wasn’t prepared for that experience. But when a involuntary AP happens again like it did tonight. I’d like it to be a instant type experience by that I mean fast enough to where I can’t become aware of what’s happening and mess it up. So i don’t do what I did tonight and have a bit of fear. I’ve never felt falling like I did tonight. Also I’m not sure where I would of ended up at in the astral realms. Because after that happened from that experience. I imagined falling into a pit of Darkness. Maybe demons were wanting to speak to me about something and they were trying to pull me out of my body which would be an interesting experience. I was reading some interesting stuff about spirits.

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At the beginning astral projection is almost always involuntary and it takes years till it gets under control. You can use personal sigils to help it a little

Astral Projection?? I know people experiences are different but… It only happened involuntarily to me once. All my Lucid Dreams are involuntary… but Involuntarily Projection only happened to me once, when Raziel took me to a place he created as a gift for me. A experience i wanted and he let me experience it. I didnt even realized he took me there until i was there already.

But the projections where you feel the etherical body detaching from the physical body never happened for me involuntarily. Have had plenty of sleep paralysis growing up… never even once felt detaching from the physical body

Only involuntary projection I had is when Thanatos pulled me into an etheric projection/spiritual projection, otherwise it’s by choice and I’ve only had voluntary astral/mental projections.

You can practice ways of controlling it , simple