Invoking the Spirit of Michael Jackson



I was made aware - when Michael want ‘missing’ - that he was getting a tattoo removed from his penis. O! and behold, after he resurfaced he gave an interview where he said words to the effect, that ‘they checked my penis’.

But I don’t care. I’ve got enough to deal with without getting tied up in MJ or his penis. Kitchener was a backdoor man. Women or men didn’t matter to him, but no one talks about that over morning tea anymore, do them? First Earl Kitchener was into rectal romance and whitewashing the back passage, but no one talks about it in polite (or indeed, any) society.



Nobody really chooses anything consciously, Al-y! So I agree with you, those guys were made or made themselves into something that nobody really likes.

Pity, disgust, hate, accountability, etc aren’t mutually exclusive.

The world’s a tough place! Where or whether someone is born or made into something, there’ll always be an antithesis that wants it’s juices.


This short, poor visual quality film provides startling, unarguable proof that Michael Jackson was the Anti-Christ. He proved this by making hand signals so fast most people couldn’t see these. Michael wore hat and gloves because he was a Magician casting spells via his thrusting groin. He even mimics Elivas Levi’s classic Baphomet poise. And the Devil gave him the power to dance Magickally. Plus the All-Seeing Eye! This is a really powerful expose which explains everything.

Unfortunately there’s nothing about the well know rumours of vicious sodomy and spiritual rape or how Michael ate human flesh still quivering on the plate whilst he bathed in foetal blood.

Oprah is now the Anti-Christ who will run against the Don – and lose.



Oprah might be… is Dr Phil a false prophet?


And this:

A Canadian boy from Toronto was coached by a man hell-bent on destroying Michael Jackson’s reputation.


Michael had a notebook where he wrote his goals down. He wrote it like: "I WILL have the biggest record of all time. " “I WILL be the biggest star in the world.”

Intent is huge. Back it up with hard work and there you go.