Invoking the Spirit of Michael Jackson

I love Michael. And I think he was a great entity incarnating as a human…
For some of us who have been practicing magic for long we come to understand the concept of incarnation. Later we truly learn which spirit we have embodied and our past lives and continue evolving.
I believe Greater spirits such as Gods have incarnated as humans for some specific reasons… I am learning to see that Jesus story might have been twisted to fit evil schemes. The Jesus of the Bible never existed, but A Jesus like being once walked the earth. And in all manners he was a magician. He dined with thief’s, idolaters, whores, he loved a man too. I believe he was destroyed for trying to save humanity through the truth.
I believe Michael Jackson to be a spirit of a God. I have a feeling he was Jesus incarnated or Lucifer. Especially Lucifer considering his musical talent. Anyway I am yet to find out. I will post as I gather more understanding. Any comments.


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I like this idea about MJ :+1:


Good old Michael Jackson. Moonwalking, touchy-feely patron God of young boy Paedophilia. Whenever I get an urge I think of MJ and my urges depart. “I’m bad. I’m bad. I’m naughty.” Same with Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter and Rolf Harris.

I’m starting a Princess Diana religion where, manifesting as Lady Diane Spencer, she tells me all sorts of filthy, vile, lewd and disgustingly reprehensible things – in vivid; often sordidly visceral detail. And I’ll market the whole degrading thing to young girls by way of enticing websites. “Want to know what Lady Di says will be this seasons hottest lipsticks?”


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Why not put Elvis Presley in the same department as well? He was fiddly fondly interested in Priscilla when she was just 14 years old, yet he gets away with it for some sick reasons. Why is that sick pervert overlooked? And you compare these three “gentlemen” above to someone like Michael Jackson?

Jerry Lee Lewis was just as filthy as Elvis, marrying his cousin about the same age as Priscilla was when she got his attention, but good ol’ Elvis got away with it. I think it’s time for the fans of Elvis to take a look in the mirror. Hypocrisy!

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Michael wanted to be a modern day Peter Pan. It’s a pity his family was overbearing and he had a poor self image of himself. And there were tons who took advantage of him. The pedophile angle I’m not entirely sure on. I never followed the media too closely on him. After Thriller, Bad, and the video game for genesis I pretty much ignored the personality. There were/are probably other good songs and his choreography was pretty damn stellar.

I suppose Justin Bieber tried to emulate this but a very poor imitation and no innovation.

Ah, the commercials… FUCKING 80s were AWESOME!!!

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When I first posted on these forums I was accused of being a or at least supporting paedophiles! All I stated was that I truly feel sorry for them. No one chooses to be a paedophile. And little kids are dirty, real bacteria and virus factories. You don’t know what they’ve been doing. Ever been on public transport and smelt that school kid smell when they group together in raucous clumps?


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People can choose to isolate themselves far and lock away that behavior. When you take choice away from others you are putting your desires above other indivuals choice. Be it cursing, killing, raping, dominating, torturing, demeaning, causing general ill and grief; one knows they are doing it.

That is placing the self above all. Maybe it’s an inherent animal instinct since the beasts generally mate upon maturity and scientists witness behaviors even in the young that mimic the adults. We are humans and should rise above being using bestial urges as excuses. It’s all I hear are excuses be it genetic, mental, spiritual, environmental, governmental, social, etc. EXCUSES!

This is about Michael Jackson at his height not the scandal of accusations. As far as I recall he wasn’t convicted to be such according to law. Then again, I didn’t follow the case. Seems those with filthy dark minds gravitate to the negative immediately for self trolling satisfaction.

Going to have to build a new bridge to stuff trolls under guarded by broo spirits or satyr or Pan. Trolls don’t like goats.

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When you defend every action as NOT a choice then it shows ones willpower is pathetic and you let influence dominate you at every opportunity. Maybe the weak minded “predators” should be just terminated.

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Most Great individuals have been accused of something’s that never make sense. Jesus, Krishna, Michael…etc. As a magician, I have seen things happening to me that made no sense, and I just knew that sometimes energy backfires… And it can bring with it weird outcomes.That’s the price we have to pay as magicians. So I believe the accusations of Michael was an energy backfire.

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Personally I would not let a dead human possess me.

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If you consider yourself just human.Then yeah. But if you consider yourself a spirit, Embodied in your human form, then letting other spirits that have once embodied this planet and done great things isn’t a bad idea. Micheal Jackson was awakened. Some humans are born already much more evolved than others(due to progress from different lifetimes, or maybe because they are god-spirits ) so they enter this realm with knowledge of everything, and thus more powerful. That’s why some humans are just born powerful.i.e into the limelight, money, wealth, power, talents, abilities…etc It’s not luck it’s just the hard work they put during past lifetimes. Hence, I see no reason in commiting suicide, I have to empower myself now and as I incarnate I get to continue evolving myself into more realms of power and godhood. @Kassapu


I feel as though there is some truth to that

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Thanks for acknowledging the truth. I am happy I shared.

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So you’re pretty much taking in the aspects of a prosperous person?

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Kinda. Well with Michael it is for musical artistic purposes, coz that’s what his energy manifested in this world.


Ah I see, thought provoking thread, thank you for sharing.


When I met Michael Jackson’s ghost, it was made of puke and mouse hairs. He’s a pretty gross dude to interact with! :slight_smile:

There is no proof Michael Jackson was ever a paedophile. I’ve debated that topic before (threads others started), and some immediately accused me of being a “mega-fan” or “so obsessed with him” when I was only ever a casual fan.

One of those people was like: “Oh! You seem to know all the details.” (What kind of reasoning is that?!) Yeah, like many others who got the info on TV and through other sources! That only showed I had done my research. And I’m a writer, so I tend to write lengthily and go in depth. Unlike them, I just do not believe in those allegations for a number of reasons.

  1. Jordan Chandler’s story is not credible. Chandler is the teenage boy who accused Jackson of sex assault in 1993. Jackson was subsequently arrested and treated like a top criminal and pervert, stripped nude, photographed, humiliated, and a whole media circus and frenzy ensued.

Some claim Chandler’s description of Michael’s genitals was accurate, but Jackson had a skin condition called vitiligo (a condition his son, Prince Michael I, inherited). Chandler and his father, Evan Chandler, could easily have a guess! The case was settled, but that was in no way an admission of guilt. A lot of factors were at play, a lot of things were at stake, and a settlement is oftentimes a good way of “amicably” resolving such matters.

During the 1993 investigation, Jackson’s hired private investigator Anthony Pellicano released a recorded telephone conversation between Chandler and Dave Schwartz, the new husband of his ex-wife, June, and stepfather to Jordan. Jackson’s defense cited this tape as proof that Chandler’s allegations were nothing but an attempt to extort money from the star and regain custody of Jordan, especially considering Chandler was more than $60,000 behind child support payments and had already approached Jackson several times asking for money. Chandler was recorded saying, “If I go through with this, I win big time. There’s no way that I lose. I’ve checked that out inside out…I will get everything I want, and they will be totally — they will be destroyed forever. They will be destroyed. June is gonna lose Jordy. She will have no right to ever see him again.” This phone call took place on July 8; Evan would claim Jordan had confessed the abuse to him on July 16.

Again, let me remind you that the conversation takes place before Jordan’s alleged confession, and while the boy was adamant that Jackson never molested him. Yet Evan talks about “winning big time” and states that there was “ no way that I lose. I’ve checked that out inside out”, that “they will be destroyed forever”, that “June is gonna lose Jordy”, and that “Michael’s career will be over”.

Although Evan claims here – and later in the conversation – that he “can prove that”, in actuality the Chandlers never had any factual evidence against Jackson. In their book Evan himself claims in the chapter entitled “August 4” that he was wary of going to the police because it would have been just Jordan’s word against Jackson’s word [1; page 109]. However, at this point Evan does not even have Jordan’s word to support him.

Britney Spears was once accused of sexual harassment by an ex-bodyguard, Fernando Flores, but his claims were full of inconsistencies; some of what he claimed just couldn’t have occurred, esp. since Spears was heavily monitored, under a parental conservatorship (personal and financial) at the time.

Flores not only accused Spears of sexual harassing him, he accused her of being physically abusive to her kids (whipping them), forcing them to eat crab meat (they are reportedly allergic to), etc., but where’s the proof?

There was a settlement, but it doesn’t mean Spears is guilty! It was just a way of resolving the dispute, and Spears’ team was not too keen on letting her testify.

  1. As for that 2005 case, Gavin Arvizo’s story is just as incredible (not credible, that is). And his mother, Janet Arvizo, was just as shady as Evan Chandler (whom Jordan Chandler later accused of physical abuse, and Evan Chandler ended up committing suicide in 2009, shortly after Michael Jackson’s passing).

One chef, Phillip LeMarque, accused Jackson of molesting Macaulay Culkin (he says he saw Jackson, in 1991, fondle him while they were playing video games, and that shocked him so much he almost dropped a bowl of fries he was carrying).

But LeMarque never did go the authorities w/ that piece of information, and Culkin completely denied it all, the biggest blow to LeMarque’s credibility. As a matter of fact, Culkin remained a loyal friend of Jackson’s, and he even agreed to be a godfather to his children.

And Wade Robson, a dancer and choreographer, did testify, during that trial, that Jackson never molested him.

At the end of the trial, Jackson was found not guilty on all fourteen counts (incl. charges of administering alcohol to a minor with and without the intention of committing sex abuse).

  1. Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who did appear as a child in a Pepsi ad with Michael, both waited after Jackson’s passing to accuse him. One may give Robson and Safechuck the benefit of the doubt, but Jackson deserves it just as much, especially since those accusers are unable to prove anything! And Robson had already stated (at 22 years of age) that Jackson never did molest him, which hurts Robson’s credibility.

  2. There were plenty of other accusations, but none of those ever made it to the courts… “The bigger the star, the bigger the target!” I don’t wanna sound like I’m automatically rubbishing any and all allegations, but there needs proof! And there are a lot of copy-cats out there craving for attention or what not.

Okay. This was a bit lengthy, but throwing up accusations against a deceased person, you need to be prepared for counter-arguments, and you need some elements of proof at least!

I am not defending Michael just because he’s Michael Jackson! If there were true, irrefutable proof Michael had committed molestation, I’d admit it!

Heard of Nathalie Simard, that French Canadian singer? She was a child star (so was her brother, René Simard). She was a huge star, selling hundreds of thousands of records, hosting TV shows and acting, but little did the public know she was being sexually molested and raped the whole time behind the scenes! Guy Cloutier was her manager.

It’s only at 34 years old of age that she went to the police and then secretly taped his former manager’s confession, giving her the proof she needed. Cloutier even offered 30,000 Canadian dollars for her silence, told her going public w/ the info would not make her any happier, and he bitterly remarked how an astrologer had predicted a paedophilia scandal…

Cloutier was rightfully convicted, but his sentence was way too lenient as he had abused and raped Simard for years, and there was a second victim (who chose to remain anonymous).

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