Invoking Supreme Power

“This post is in response to Onyx’s request for more information on energy work and its affects within our life and how the magician then utilises this supreme power for the materialisation of his intentions. The knowledge below is designed to back up my previous post as any energy work must be supported by placing the correct fuel on the fire, and placing this fire in a suitable environment. I had to type all this out here as its part of my personal hand written Grimiore I treasure. It contains information that I feel is very relevant for the practicing magician but sadly, many will overlook it.”

I have no desire to go into quantum physics, mass, space theories or relativity for that matter as this instruction is about spirituality. The occult however is the mother of all sciences and most technologies tend to come from it. Ironically, the majority of people involved in magic are usually the most unscientific bunch in the world!! Magic however is physics, it doesn’t fall into the Newtonian variety or even the Quantum category but it is physics all the same, which means it is concerned with the study of matter and its motion through space and time along with related concepts such as energy. Magic was probably one of the earliest technologies used by man!

Energy is an integrated part of physics and the practice of magic is no different but most occultists appear to be either ignorant towards it, or don’t value it. They seem to concentrate on other things instead that are bloody irrelevant! It never fails to amuse me just how much it gets overlooked by writers when they try to explain the practical application of magic even though energy is one of its primary concerns?

The energy that I’m talking about here is extracted from the oxygen that we breath. This life force is raw organic energy; it is attracted too and accumulates in any natural biological structure. It is known by many names all over the world but collectively, it is a life giving energy, a creative force known as prana, mana, chi, qi and psychic energy to name but a few. This energy is the building blocks of life itself and manifestation. It is a creative force that runs through all the chemical and metaphysical elements of earth, not to mention every animal, vegetable and mineral. Magnetic metals also attract this energy but tend to repel it rather than accumulate it.

This energy or life force within the air is the connecting medium of our existence allowing us to bring atoms together and form structure through our imagination? The energy appears to flow wherever our attention goes? for example, if we imagine astral light or even conceive a feeling running down our arm, then this cosmic energy will also follow our cue by moving down the arm to match our internal direction. It will also try to follow our thoughts by structuring the physical world to come together in alignment with our desires. This means that whenever we use the imagination to either structure (mentally create) something, or build upon these ideas in other ways (such as action towards a target) then the energy will follow and emulate this blueprint!

Before we go any further however, it will be beneficial to know what diminishes energy. Well…it’s literally impossible not to have this energy as a complete loss of this will almost certainly result in death, or vice versa. You should be aware though of certain situations and aspects, which will naturally lower levels and create *dead matter.

fluorescent lighting for example can make me feel irritable due to the emissions it gives off. I completely dislike microwave cooking as well because it kills the energy within the food!! Look out for overhead power lines, especially if they go over the top of your house as this can severely reduce the status quo within the home or office. Other electrical devices like TV’s, computers and mobile phones can also contribute to this draining effect of energy within ourselves.

*Energy is always one thing, active and positive. There is no such thing as destructive or ‘bad’ energy and once its inactive, it simply becomes dead matter. This however can be reanimated and given fresh life again, which immediately suggests that nothing really dies, it just transforms and evolves into something else instead. Nothing natural in the world is truly bad or designed to harm us, each has its own nature. Man simply disturbs things he needs to understand more, then he will know what to expect from them. Evil spirits can do terrible things, but that’s what there suppose to do, does this make them bad?

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind and this is very apparent in people who exercise compared to those that don’t. Healthy people tend to eat and drink more energy producing foods, which gives a good output of energy…Surprise surprise!!

Food like sugar however, flour, dairy, grains, wheat, cereals, rice and potatoes to name but a few all take away your energy. Stimulants like tea, coffee and spicy foods contribute as well to a loss of vitality. Those that smoke and drink alcohol tend to do the worst damage, not to mention the dehydration these addictions cause to the system.

You will notice that people who eat stimulants, processed foods and animal fats are prone to more negative attitudes in general. Conflicting mind states such as guilt, denial, fear and depression can drain the system and close you off. Troubled relationships can also cause alot of problems in your life as these conflicts can close down your awareness, which produces that disconnection from life and a downward spiral is invoked. So it definitely pays to be aware of energy reducing situations and their effects on your well being, not to mention their influence on your magical output.

As a final addition to your understanding of energy drain, I would like to touch upon psychic vampires before going on to more healthy topics of raising energy. I have been a victim of them myself as I tend to have plenty of energy and this is what they will look for and feed off. I know some people practice vampirism consciously but I’m more concerned here with those that try and drain people without knowing this.

People of this nature will tend to try and ‘use’ you. They may have some trapped infatuation about you in some way, or they may be scared of you. This desire or fear of theirs can naturally prompt them to try and reduce your power by starring at you and talking about you (especially in front of you) without including you in the conversation. If you are sensitive like me then it won’t be long before you start to feel irritable or angry. This is the energy starting to drain out of you and it will nearly always bring on a negative state of mind.

Another trick of theirs that can drain your energy is when they try to prompt you instead of asking you for help. I will tell you now that anyone who can’t ask knows deep down that they shouldn’t be asking, but they still feel the need to ask which just insults the person they want help from and if you respond to this indirect request for help, then you will nearly always come off worse.

Vampires are usually irresponsible little rats, they are always looking around for someone to prey on. They could approach you with all sorts of offers and give you unexpected gifts without seemingly wanting anything back in return? They want your energy though, they want your time, your attention, they want to own you and take control of your life. Vampires feed off your sympathy, attention and support. Some will try to take advantage of you so they can gain from the situation without you getting anything worthwhile back in return, which can infuriate me into unspeakable acts of revenge!! Let me finish this by asking some relevant questions.

Do you feel irritable in particular company without logically knowing why?

Do you get angry for no reason, but you know it has something to do with someone?

Do you feel drained, or low in energy and you can’t understand why?

                      [b]BEWARE OF PSYCHIC VAMPIRES!![/b]

So how do we raise or capture this energy within us and use it for our own benefit?

Life-force can naturally accumulate in us when we do things that emotionally excite the senses such as dancing, singing, sex or physical exercise. Have you ever been totally engrossed in something that you like so much, where everything else just fizzles out of your mind? How does this make you feel? I bet it made you feel great because you were enthusiastic but this zest has come from somewhere and that something is generated energy. Your energy levels in general are naturally more healthy whenever you are in this positive or active state of mind, so the magician is advised to stay in good spirits as much as possible.

Some magicians use ritual sacrifice to release the psychic flow, which can then be directed by the will in the form of the spoken word. This is usually in conjunction with spiritual entities however, as the magician feeds the spirit with energy in exchange for his desires. Huge amounts of energy can be released like this and utilised for our own benefit.

Staying on the subject of energy feeding for a moment and magnetisation, here’s another example of energy at work in a practical situation showing how it can be raised and how it can sustain itself.

Life-force can be installed or charged into objects, situations, animals or people, which magnetises them to attract similar energies back. The energy here can be injected simply through the attention and effort placed into them. If this charge is generated well through regular application, the power from the object can feed off other similar objects close by that have a lower charge rate?

For example, this negative entropy is clearly seen when two football matches clash at the same time? The team in the premier league whose been given the most support and admiration (energy) over the years will tend to take the attention (energy) away from the school team playing down the road. Continuing this further, let’s now say that ‘dad’ is under some moralistic obligation to go and watch his son play for the school team but deep down, he would rather be up the road watching the big match. Infact, his mind could become so infested with what’s happening in the big match that he loses all interest in the school team finals.

Returning back now to the topic of raising energy, food was already mentioned so I will say no more about what to eat here as you can fill in the gaps yourself. You will notice however that after eating certain foods, you may feel tired and this will certainly affect your life force output. Many magicians (myself included) will go through a period of fasting before any serious ritual work as the energy flows better in an empty stomach. Your senses are more acute and the hunger will tend to open your awareness up even further.

All the four elements have life force within them and fire is no acception. we can for example get the heat and the ultra violet rays off the sun, which can raise energy levels, or lower them if you are intolerant to the sun so get to know thyself well. Earth also tends to have a great charge within it. You could for example get covered in soil in the form of a mud bath, this will definitely revitalise energy within the body.

Water has a bio electrical charge within it that can be absorbed by our bodies. Immersing in water through bathing is the best way to take on its charge rather than letting it run over you like a shower. So a pre-ritual bath is another great form of preparation. Air as mentioned earlier is the number one element for humans to extract life force from and that’s why many breathing exercises have been created.

Once energy is sufficient within the body, it will be raw, volatile and responsive. The intention behind your thoughts is where the energy will flow to. The intention is like a computer program and the imagination is like the interface that gives the energy a path to follow to the target. Imagination is therefore the key but this usually gets wrapped up in another word called ‘visualisation’.

Many people get the wrong idea about visualisation and this is understandable because of the suggestive qualities of it namely…to see clearly.

Visualisation however is the wrong term to use and that’s why I say imagine instead as this is more in alignment with what you need to do. To imagine something can mean you see it in your mind, it could mean you feel its presence or vibration, or you could just intelligently be aware of this internally. you can also bring in other modalities like sound, taste and touch.

All these examples are ways of using the imagination, which is how we not only understand reality around us, it is also how we structure and create our personal world view. The human imagination is a powerful creative mechanism of the mind so let it donate its own path for you to follow as this will be the right way for you, this however may not always involve mental images?


Thanks for your post, what you are talking about has literally been on my mind a lot recently. Gaining vitality was a command of a group of five entities that are going to teach me how to obtain immortality.

Every tradition and ancient language has a word that means spirit and breath. Hebrew: Nephesh and Ruach, Greek: Pneuma, Mandarin: Qi, Hindi: Prana, Latin: Spritus, Russian: Duh, Arabic: Rous and Nafas.

I am near convinced that my goal of immortality is connected in some way to my breath.

In India, this breath is known as Brahmachaitanya, the Breath of God. In the tradition of the Vedanta, the Prasana Upanishad(commented by Shankaracharia) declares: “in the heart resides the Atman, the Self. It is the centre of a hundred and one little channels….In these moves…the breath”.

Still in India, the Spirit is also associated with prana, a term which, in Sanskrit, means breath. The Mundaka Upanishad explains that this breath has its source in the Atman. The Kausitaki Upanishad tells us several times that the Atman (Brahman) is breath. And one of the oldest Sanskrit scriptures, the Atharva Veda, states that “whosoever be driven by the breath of life, he will be reborn”.

You’re onto something, and I feel that I’m standing on a gold mine with no knowledge of how to dig.

Spirit is pure energy and within us it goes through the meridian system and its basic input is the breath, hence the origin of the word ‘spirit’ literally means breathe. Those beautiful islanders in the mid pacific know a great deal about Mana.

Ha = the breath ~ Wai = the power within air and the force of water ~ I = me

This translates out backwards to “I have the power in my breath” HAWAII

It makes perfect sense, i’ve been having this in my mind for a long time now, changing my diet. Since the food you mentioned there are part of the everyday meals here in my country, in my country if you don’t eat rice daily you haven’t eaten. And spicy food is my favorite…

Gotta go tho’ lots of changes to make.

What is your opinion on “Death Essence?”

I disagree a bit.

To imagine is to create something in your mind, making it up out of scratch, like a day dream and then taking that day dream and making it real.

Visualization is when you see things that come from external sources such as using the blackness of night to scry or being shown images with eyes closed or open from a spirit who wishes to show you something.

So I don’t think imagination is the correct term OVER visualization as you said, I think these are both two different things, and that both words are relevant for their respective purposes, but yes a lot of people do use them interchangeably. Normally when I teach people to make something from scratch I tell them to imagine, where as, if they are closing their eyes and trying to receive a visual message from an entity I tell them to visualize or if they need to see living person in their mind that has already been created, to visualize. I use the term imagine, when referring to anything that has to be created from your own thoughts from scratch, out of thin air, from nothingness, from nowhere, and brought to life by you.

IMO structuring is where you build with imagination, and then the imagined form infills with “genuine” (externally sourced) energy - I use this now in evocation, picked that up from on here, and it’s also how FSS-style core shamanic journeying works - you imagine the World Tree first, in any form that’s most powerful to you, then it kind of links up with “the” World Tree that’s common to all people using that system, sometrimes changing appearance over time.

So that concept seems to bridge the two, and I’ve found that telling people to imagine something - make it up - breaks the fear barrier of “what if I can’t pick up the signal?” - so as a term, it has validity and doesn’t limit people(when there’s something “real” to infill the imagined form).

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To work with energies, successfully, you always have to acknowledge it.

Energies that covers the Life Force was something my spirits took advantage of in the beginning. I think some spirits use this to, literally, bring life at the start of a relationship or a pact. As some magicians see the Life Force as something edible for vampires and humans alike, it is just as important as a link to establish the foundation of a bonding, pact or a relationship. Without it, makes it less alive and slightly more “hollow”.

Energies, as a platform, is very versatile and it adapts to pretty much everything in our physical world. It’s visual, physical, it comes with flavors that smells and taste. It can basically connect to your own energy and, through that, bend the law of physics and reality to either communicate actively with you or travel to the astral plane.

I love the mechanics of the energy and I learned quite a bit over the years, but I have just scraped the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to learn and more to understand, but it’s an awesome platform to work with.