Invoking spirits need advice

Ok so since I havn’t been able to evoke yet I’m wanting to try invocation.I,m not sure how to really go about this.I just want to make some kind of non-physical contact with a spirit.Should I just meditat on the spirits name? Should I use a sigil? Any advice on some different contact methods would be highly apreciated.Thank you.

Do you can feel the spirit after the evocation? then communicate your desires.If you cannot try the following:

Invocation; I used to invoke the Bardon´s spirits with the following method: 1) draw the sigil of the spirit, while you draw the sigil of the spirit in the paper o parchment( with the appropiate color, planetary or zodiac color) visualize your goal and chant the name of the spirit, perform it with complete focus and will. 2)behold the sigil and open it in accordance with the E a Koetting methodology, call mentally to the spirit into you, visualize the sigil in your body, in your soul, in your psyque in the appropiate color, visualize the sigil more and more brighting; continue chanting the name of the spirit, round yourself with the color and energy of the spirit, when you feel the spirit into you take the sigil in paper with your right hand and command your desire,3) give lincence to depart and visualize the energy of the spirit departing.

Sorry for my English, you can applicate my method to every spirit, angel or demon, I only ask that you be polite and if it work send me a E mail tell me your experience;-)

Thanks for the excellent advice brother! One question though…where can I find a resource for the appropriate color.Would using just thick black marker to draw the sigil like normal work. Guess that was 2 questions lol

If you use Bardonian spirits in his book about evocation, “777” of Aleister Crowley can help. Depend of your goal, love and generation is relationated with venus, then the sigil in color green, war and destruction ; Mart ( red), death and knowledge , Saturn ; black
Indulgente , peace and harmony ; Júpiter; blue.
Pacts, mercantil business ; mercury; orange
If you don’t know , use your intuition or you can use imaginery telesmatic; you can find it in the Golden Dawn from Regardie; write the name of the spirit in hebrew letters, every letter have a characteristic physical, then imagine the spirit or demon in accordance with this characteristics. It look complexe, but once time that you are familiar with this technics it is very easy.