Invoking satan

I’ve invoked and worked with lucifer and am interested in learning from and working with Satan. From what I’ve gathered so far Satan is a thought form of sorts appose to a physical being. I’d this correct ? And if so I’d appreciate hearing from someone who has worked with it before

I can’t vouch for this since I haven’t worked with Satan yet, but as far as I’m aware he is a physical entity, not just an extension of lucifer. Lucifer did seem to pick me up on the fact that he was NOT satan when I was talking with him, and remember EA had that thing about evoking Satan a while ago, and I think he has some lectures on the topic, but I can’t find them.

Gods Exist in multiple, but namely two different types of forms and this can be seen in Egyptian Gods as well. They exist as aspects or principles of each other and an overall actual physical form, but at the same time they exist as seperate entities. How the relate to the Egyptian Gods is that in Egypt each God represented a certain principle where one would go through “stages” of working on ones Soul and Ascending, etc.

It doesn’t do them a service to say they are merely a Concept or just Real Beings. They are multiple things and yes they do exist as Spiritual Beings. Hidden Origins Of Satan - Full Seminar