Invoking Rune: Fehu

So here’s some of the gnosis I failed to put in my journal entry and instead made a new post for it.

Fehu appeared as a Phoenix which entered me and I later learned about its flame and water correspondences.

Fehu and the Runes are primordial entities which control aspects of the universe or reality. I wouldn’t call them full blown beings like Lucifer or even yahweh but I interpret them being primordial essences having forms as the symbols which can be used like a sigil to be the gateway and awaken and use the power of the rune. That’s why using blood is important and yet I’m not going to go into explanation right now. I’m not sure about much of their characteristics but Runes and especially Fehu is sentient on a level most wouldn’t realize. These Runes in my experience seem to be omniscient and can thus be communed with.

Anyways that’s for today. Do tell me what you think about my gnosis. I’m your friendly neighbourhood magician and I’m signing out.