Invoking methods

What methods are there to invoke any demon, I have searched and searched and haven’t found anything.

SImple, call to them and say “I invoke x” and allow them to come in. SIng or tell hymns of praise for them and allow them into your mind.

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USe the search feature on the forum as well to find more information. There’s countless techniques that many people use

Do I have to get into tgs for it or something else???

Entering into the TGS allows for you to connect to them better and for them to connect to you better. TGS just allows you to perceive them better. I use it to clarify my intuition and to address whether or not the spirit is with me. If you can sense and read energies well enough, you’ll know whether the spirit has come to you or not

I have another question when you invoke a demon how long will they stay inside you? And um even if your clairaudience isn’t the best will you still hear them inside your head???

You clearly haven’t searched. There’s a thread detailing how to evoke and another detailing how to invoke. Both received alot of likes (70 and 50, respectively) and a fair amount of engagement: they’re hardly buried.
It took me about 3 searches to find these threads ( maybe 2-3 mins )

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It depends really. It depends on how long you want them to be with you for and whether you have given them the sign to go in peace as well.

Well, for me my clairaudience is still growing but I hear the demons as thoughts that aren’t my own and for the most part, I will sometimes vocalise what they are telling me as well


This guy NEVER searches, even though he claims to. He just opens threads expecting to be spoon fed information. He won’t do anything for himself.


Could be fun to feed him some misinfomation. Nothing serious, but enough to piss off a few spirits he works with ( I would be more discreet about this, but I imagine he’d need some one to scroll down the thread I’m his behalf )

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