Invoking Mercury/Raphael on Wednesday

I do the invoking LRP pretty much everyday, lately I have been doing some witchcraft stuff, so I haven’t been but even so, I still do the LRP at least a couple of times a week.

Tomorrow I want to invoke some of the attributes of Mercury, but not so much Raphael.
Could I still go through Raphael to do this, if so, would I invoke Raphael but banish the other Arch angels?

I do the invoking LRP and I did a Woodcroft ritual and actually invoked Raziel. Other than that I don’t know anything about invocations.

I am looking for some success and communication help. Should I forget about Raphael and go with another planetary God. Or are they the same being, but different name.

I should have stuck to the Cabbalist Cross, the LRP and the Middle Pillar with some candle magick. It was such a happy time. Now there is just confusion.
I could ask Mercury to clear that up too, couldn’t I ?

You can evoke Raphael whenever you want ,planets and particular days just straighten connections,I mean manifestation become stronger.You can just make ur shedule: example you will evoke Raphael in the morning and planetary god at the evening.Archangel can’t be banish don’t be ridiculous.

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Great article , keep up the good work

I agree it does sound ridiculous. Who am I to mess around with an arch angel. I also never dismiss them when I invoke them, for the same reason, who am I to tell them anything.
When I do the banishing of the LRP, what am I banishing?

I’m sure The Archangels will greet you warmly so long as you respect them