Invoking Lucifer for the first time

I am going to invoke Lucifer for the first time. I have already got a ritual will in mind. I will be using a ritual that was used by Connor Kendall that I found on this forum. I was thinking of invoking him on Saturday around dusk. Does anyone else have any more advice that I may need? Many thanks in advance.


Do your best and good luck!

There are a lot of threads about Lucifer. I do advise you to read some of them, if you haven’t already. Other than that, stay focused and listen to your thoughts, since spirits will try to speak to you through them.

I have taken notes on what Lucifer likes and how the method I am going to use. One question, do I keep his sigil or burn it when I close the ritual? I would like him to guide me on my journey on the LHP.


You can keep it if you want. I actually always keep it. I mean, the sigil could even be in digital form.

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All set to invoke Lucifer.

Just need to formulate my questions now


So I have just finished my invocation with Lucifer. The two large candles had their flames dancing throughout. One of the Frankinsence sticks kept going out. I focused on his sigil and some of the sigil came in and out of sight. I asked these 3 questions:

  1. “Lucifer, who should work with to unlock the kinds of magic I want to practice?”
    In my mind he said “The ritual you performed was rushed but you have prepared it well. You need to master the basics first before you begin to work with anyone else.”
  2. I then asked him “What are the 3 things I must master in order to have sucessful evocations”
    I didn’t get a reply. I asked him to relay that answer to my dreams.
  3. I asked him this “Will you be my patron, father figure and guide me?”
    He replied “I will be your patron. No I won’t be your father figure, I will be your friend.”

I had two small glasses of rum…I thanked Lucifer 3 times and gave a toast to him and then drank my glass of rum. I then said “You may go now.” I thanked him one more time.

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i am glad to hear it was a success. however i want to to note lucifer does not like to be dismissed and its so disrespectful for him. you may say, “thank you for coming you may leave if u wish and u may stay if u would like… you are always welocme” and unless he wants to tell you something he will leave by himself no need to dismiss.

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You are probably the first person to say that. I did thank him and I was very respectful to him during the ritual and I even created a poem for him. Next time I invoke him I will apologise and use that phrase you suggested. I kept his sigil.

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glad to hear… he will appreciate your respect. and don’t worry he is so patient with beginners

I was nervous about invoking him as I wanted to make sure the ritual was perfect for him. I offered him what I had: two incesne sticks of Frankinsence, 2 oranges, a small glass of rum, some gold coins. I wrote him a poem and read it to him. Had his sigil and his planetary sigil and had two white candles burning for him. I spent about 30 mins if not more invoking him. Today I burnt him some more Frankinsence as an offering.

While I was doing my morning ritual "Commander-in-Chief, in the fourth part I visualised my greater self who spoke to me and said “You invoked Lucifer. Continue to work with him.” Does this mean I should make a pact with him or just to carry on as I am atm and to keep on developing myself?

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well whether u should make a pact or not is totally up to you. but, i have seen a lot of members advise that u should have working relationship first and see that the spirit is providing you with results before attempting a pact. Lucifer is amazing and i wouldn’t say not to, but just make sure that u will keep ur end of the bargain if u end up making one.

The responses I got from my 3 questions I asked (only two were answered, as one of the questions I got answered on here, talk about synchronicity lol) was for me to master the basics. I know he is at my home as I have felt a gentle cold breeze next to me as I was studying. So how did you form a working relationship with him?

i am glad you are getting your answers just remember to be patient and pay attention to the signs. Well, I formed it in a similar way. i just went for it and felt the connection and understanding. Even though, i let him down by not working or calling upon him… except when its time to keep my word and promise. And, honestly, i hope he sees my loyalty and respect.

I have kept Lucifer’s sigil on my altar and I have acknowledged his presence here. I glanced at his sigil as I was going into my kitchen and his sigil flashed a little in front of me in a similar after effect of looking into a bright light. I have said to him “I can feel your presence and you are always welcome in my home.” I get a few nice colds drafts and the energy in my palms is really flowing

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