Invoking king piamon

So I was doing a lot of research on his majesty. And from what I’ve learned so far he is willing to work with you but he has guidelines. Mainly hard work on your end, and respect. I was thinking about invoking him this weekend to introduce my self and let him know I am interested in gaining wisdom from him. Will he be upset if I just invoke him to introduce my self or take it as respect.

And are there any quirks about him I should know about before I meet him?


King Paimon will have no problem to summon him just for that. You shouldn’t worry about it.

The only things you should know is that repsect is a must when you summon him! Also, try to be all dressed up (no topless, etc.), because he believes that you also show respect that way. As for offerings: anything sweet that has a lot of energy is good, wine is good, fine tea is good and you can ask him if he wants something else.

I wish you good luck and do your best!


Yesterday I dreamed of King Paimon, it was very strange, I wrote my dream with him here in the forum.

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