Invoking Jesus and Archangel Michael and other Angels

Besides using prayers, whats the best way to invoke, and evoke ( if thts the best way to put it lol) Jesus, Archangel Michael, and other Angels? Does Jesus hv a sigil? If so wt is it? How cn someone do this while under a binding, or fear as a result from a spiritual attack?

Idk about evoking Jesus, but yes, you can evoke angels. Not sure id want to invoke an angel. Research angel magic. Ive previously done an angel Michael evocation…find his sigil, and open it. Good luck!


E.A. Koetting evoked Jesus, if I recall he wasn’t impressed but I don’t know which version he gold hold of. The Jesus stories are based on the god Mithras from Zoroastrian ism, and it’s thought that Paul the apostle, who has the same physical description (per several of the dropped books from the bible) used those stories to create the character that became an egregore :smiley:

But yes, you should be able to evoke any or all of these and the “angels” as well.

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In my opinion practicioners have both invoked and evoked angels and celestial spirits since time immemorial.

Many pastors and priests and rabbis actually practice a form of invocation and evocation during the call to the holy spirit during mass or sermons.

This is off topic but catholic priests in particular make excellent ceremonial magicians. I personally think the perspective of which the Goetia was actually written in is that of a practicing priest. I can’t prove that it’s just my suspicion though.

If you’re under spiritual attack @ChristSaves22 one tried and true method is to simply petition the Arch Angel Michael to give you protection and deliverance from every evil. This method is very powerful and simple.

Some even say if a person wishes to contact an archangel all one has to do is reach out to them sincerely with an open heart.