Is it better to Invoke an entity before evoking them, or vice versa? How will this affect the relationship, performance, and ritual? How would you go about this?


What is your experience when starting with a new entity? Im sure that they are apart from eachother, I guess what im trying to say is which should come first the chicken or the egg? lol…

Depends… I usually get my ritual set up, then I invoke for further assistance as to what I should/shouldn’t use in the ritual. After the ritual is complete I invoke, sometimes evoke, to ask for what I can do each day to help get results…or what changes I need to make, or hindrances that I may be unaware of. It really depends on what you’re trying to do. @AltScript just posted a good vid…


When I start a relationship with an entity, I like to evoke it several times first so I can feel out if I trust it enough to invoke it, I recommend you take the same approach, but you don’t HAVE to if you feel it unnecessary, hope this helps!

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Thanks friends, any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated, i just wanted some outside input so I can gain some insight and decide what im most comfortable with.

Great video thank you

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