Invoking/evoking Angels for the first time - Help

Hi there,

I looked in the forum for a evocation or invokation method to call upon Angel Saspu. I have never called upon angels before so any thoughts?

  • candle color?
  • incense?
  • incantation for him?
  • do angels have Enn’s as demons?
  • any other ideas will help


I found something like this so far:
Angelic Invocation:
“Enu Rah
Enu Rah
Enu Rah Zay”

^^ this is supposed to get me into the angelic frequency to be able to communicate and connect with them.
3-7 times then i start calling the name of the angel?

Plz help, i am still looking for an effective method

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Honestly, you could call one whose information you do have and ask them to bring Saspu to you, that you may communicate directly.

For example, since Raphael has come to me in the past without being called, I would call upon him and ask him to call the angel I was interested in. I’ve used it with Demons in the past to help make sure I was calling the right entity when they didn’t have any sigils or enns. I used Belial to verify Madame Pele, as another example.


Saspu is from the Kingdoms of Flame and can be evoked using any method of evocation.

No, he does not have an “enn.” Enns come from the practice of demonolatry and apply only to demons.

The easiest method would be to banish with the Kingdoms of Flame banishing incantation (said three times), open the square of the kingdom, then place the sigil of Saspu upon the square and open it as well, calling him forth.

If you don’t have the grimoire with the square, then simply opening his sigil and using something like EA’s Incantation to Summon Forth would work as well.


i just bought the book. i will be reading it. hopefully i can find the square u are mentioning.

one last thing darkes, do i have to read the whole book or can i skip to the part about Saspu?

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The actual text and formulae of Brand’s book, Archangels of Magick provides a solid layout to form your own rituals. The gist is using three circles with relevant holy names, at the center is the name of the preferred angelic entity.
Personally, I am unfamiliar with said entity. What results ect are you looking for?

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Unless you are going to use the system of evocation laid out within the book, you can skip directly to the part about Saspu. However, you may want to note down the banishing incantation which you should find in the section that talks about the circle and triangle (it’s also here on the forum).

The square will be on the page with the name of the kingdom. If I’m not mistaken, you will find Saspu in the Red Kingdom which is presided over by the Grand Spirit Lotir.

The angels in KoF are a bit different from the usual archangels, more fiery, so I’m not sure if that incantation to connect with the angelic frequency will work for them, but you can try it. I would use the banishing incantation first though, before using it so you don’t inadvertently cancel it out.

@anon41658706 Saspu is an Angel of Love and Friendship.


You’re really one of the members I appreciate so much on how you dedicate your time to help your fellow having difficulties.:+1: more blessings and knowledge from the universe unto you