Invoking demons

Hi I invoke 20 demon today I only chant 20 times per demon is dat enoughh??

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Is twenty time chant enoughh?

Did you get into an altered state of mind?

There is no set amount of repetitions. You chant until you reach an altered state, or until you get the feeling to stop.

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I thought it work like this Demons hear your chant and grant what you wwant

and the longer the chant the bettter the demons will give you quality powers II just can’t use one demon to work with I invoke 20 demons because I find it cool

No, it definitely does not work like that.

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Wha I mean Is demons give you little bit of power because I say they’re chants only twenty times per demon it should be like reaching an alter state right before they can grant your wish

Dude, they don’t grant wishes. They are not a genie in a lamp.

An altered state allows communication.

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It’s a troll… :roll_eyes:


Yay my senses are still sharp!


Having done my civic duty I must away towards the great blue horizon

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