Invoking by drawing on the flesh

I wanted to come up with a new and easier way to invoke. Sometimes it takes longer than I would like it to. And then the answer came.

Hold out your left arm and place your right index finger on it.
Think of the entity you wish to invoke.
Lilith for example.

Now your letting your higher self draw the sigil of the entity you wish to invoke. Just let your finger draw whatever symbol it wants. Don’t worry about what it looks like just let your finger draw it. Your channeling your own personal sigil on your flesh to invoke said entity.

Once it’s done, what do you feel?

For me i tested it with Azazel First.
Then i tested it with lilith.
Then with Asmodeus.

I felt energy run up my arm and into the rest of my body. Changing my perception and thought patterns and movements. The reason I chose the three entitys above is they each have very unique energetic signatures to me and it worked.

When your done invoking thank the entity, hold out your left arm and feel the presence leave through your left arm.

Thought I’d post this it may help someone out there. If anyone tries it let me know how it goes.

Thinking this may also work for possession and self empowerment. Will update when i test it out.

Thank you Azazel, Lilith & Asmodeus for your help.

Just tested out invoking Arch Angel Michael before posting this using the right arm and drawing with the left index finger. Also works.

Thank you Arch Angel Michael


Before know BALG, 7/8 years ago i draw the sigil of A A Gabriel on the palm of my left hand and on 5 days, (each night before sleep i draw his sigil) i got the result. The first experiment with angels.

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Results :+1: did you physcaly draw the sigil on your left palm?


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