Invoking Bune for finacial gain

Hello, I plan on invoking Bune so that he can help me find a new method of making money. I had mixed results with him in the past but it was probably because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted and it produced mixed results. One thing that I worry about is his legion of demons since I heard they can be extremely evil. Is there a way to avoid them and summon Bune directly?

Most traditional conjuring methods only call upon the specific spirit. On top of that I’m assuming the source you’re referencing also says that Bune themself is an evil spirit. There’s very little reason their spirits would bother you unless you asked or Bune decided they would be better for you, in which case it’s unlikely they’d hurt you. It’s okay to be intimidated but if you’re fearful of what you’re conjuring then there’s bigger issues to worry about on your hands.