Invoked Lucifer, Not sure if he was there

A week ago, I invoked Lucifer if he could get rid of the parasites, and the parasitic succubus off me. I did it during 3am, using 5 white candles placing them into the shape of a pentagram. I drew his sigil on a small piece of paper, and I chanted his enn quietly while looking into the sigil. My astral senses are pretty bad so I just wrote down my intentions on paper, and put it beside me.

People say that when they successfully invoked Lucifer, the surrounding energy feels different, and things like that. However, the things I felt were kind of different to say the least. For one, my hands felt pretty weird, like it felt like there was a lot of energy in my hands. It have this fizzy vibrating feeling. Second, the paper with the sigil on it turned slightly black for a spilt second, and the sigil turned white.

I didn’t really think much of the weird occurrences, and ended up sitting there reciting his enn for 30 more minutes until I was too tired to go on. I ended up sleeping since I was extremely tired. Before, I slept, I blew out the candles, but then I noticed something. Two of the candles’ wax had completely turned to liquid, while some of them only had extremely little amounts of that. All of the candles were never used before this. Maybe it was just a bad candle or something I don’t know.

If I did invoke Lucifer he definitely saw the paper with my intentions on it stating if he could remove the parasites, and protect me from negative spirits.

When I woke up, usually the parasite/parasites would drain my energy straight away making me extremely tired. However, that didn’t happen. I didn’t even feel drained at all actually. I thought the invocation worked, and he had gotten rid of the parasite, but as the days grew by, I thought otherwise.

If I really did invoke Lucifer, he would get rid of ALL my parasites, and parasitic succubus. However I still felt those succubus fiddling with my crotch as per usual, but the parasite that was draining me is gone? A few months back, some entity came into my life because I kept feeling pain all over my body. I feel like that entity is punching me like every single minute. I’m sure my body is fine because this never happened before until now.

Because of this, I thought the invocation did not work, and ended up having an emotional breakdown. But when I looked at the ceiling, I saw Lucifer’s sigil. So I thought “Lucifer is here?”

At this point I’m confused because I asked him to protect me from other negative spirits including the entity that keeps punching me, and my parasitic succubus. However, he only got rid of the parasite that was constantly draining my energy.

I’ve also noticed when I feel like hope is lost, and I can’t get rid of the parasites, I get this huge surge of positivity like 5 minutes later. Almost like someone is motivating me to get rid of these assholes. Because of this I get extreme mood swings. One minute I’m on this helpless state, to this determined state. Constantly back, and forth.

In addition, after this invocation, I feel like there is two spirits in my body. One of them is this pathetic, sad, person, while the other is this wise, strong person. It’s like I have two personalities fighting over my psychical body. Sometimes, it’s like a mix of both, which I feel like right now writing this.

Lastly, after the evocation, I’m starting to like see a lot of things related to hell, demons, and Satan. Everyday I see at least like three inverted pentagrams everyday. Seeing things about demons, and stuff. Also, I keep thinking about this guy. Everyday, I randomly think of a person with a goat head, in black robes. After I think of that, I automatically see an image of a goat skull, or someone wearing black robes on google or on YouTube.

In short, i feel like I invoked Lucifer because of these signs such as inverted pentagrams, the two personalities, something motivating me to push forward etc. But again, I also feel like Lucifer is not here because maybe the parasites are trying to trick me or something into thinking that Lucifer is here, that the hostile entity is still psychically abusing me.

Then again, it makes no sense if the parasites are trying to trick me into believing that their Lucifer. They can’t really copy Lucifer’s astral signature that I saw on the ceiling, and since the energy drainer is gone, it means that they had to kill each other???

Of course there is also plot holes if I really did invoke Lucifer, but I don’t really want to explain that right now, I’m pretty sure you get the idea. Can someone just tell me if I really did invoke Lucifer or not and why?

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Lucifer hears every word, even whenever you’re tired and have the sensation of wikness, what i have learned in the past and what E.A confirmed in his books, is that your blood gives more power for the entity you summon, next time put it on the paper where you write your desires

Usually, at least for me, the energy from you hands confirmed his presence, because he use your energy to come forth, and he use a lot
. Next time, my advice, use a black green circle energy, in this way he will be the only one who will come to you and not getting disturbed by others.

Now, it might be a little fight in the Astral and you night fell it or you have a little friend who likes to play with you and sometimes when you do something to get rid of him, punishes you …I had this thing happened to me…but, I might get wrong and I bet the forum will come with better answers.

I hope I answered to some of the questions. However, the experiences are different for everyone.

Hail Satan


Due to some reasons I don’t really want to explain, I don’t really have candles anymore. Maybe next if I want to try, and invoke him again without the use of candles, will it work?

This explanation also works for me because some of them are kind of nice to me now. It makes sense why probably because they are afraid of something, and trying to act all innocent.

You can do it without candles, in your astral temple. If your questions refers to the fact about seeing him, as I told you, he will come but his manifestation can be different.

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When you said Black Green Circle Energy, what do you mean like that? I tried searching that to get more info on it, but nothing explained that that is. Can you tell me what that is, and how to possibly do it?

It’s hard to explain exactly , maybe someone on the forum will explain more detailed but, green stands for nature.
I learned this from Belial.
Keep your left hand facing earth, breathe easy a deeply, inhale deep and take out the air slowly .
When you feel calm, imagine a powerful dark green that come to you from earth and comes around like a circle. When you have done it, open your eyes and start calling for who you want to come to you.
It will be a deep silence, if you pay attention, you will feel his energy.


Have you considered that he did do what you asked, and that the succubus is not parasitic by nature itself? Ubis can help you develop your Clair and astral senses as well as aid with your magic and projection and many other things, so based on what you said, I’d assume what you asked was done.

As far as not being able to get rid of parasites when depressed goes- I’d consider that normal-ish. Parasites and shadow creatures and all sorts of things love to feed of negative energy so If you can’t pick yourself up, it’s easy to get you while your down.

Maybe you need to look into a banishing routine, use Luna till you have something squared away and focus on your spiritual hygiene and senses for a bit?


The thing is that I’m pretty sure Lucifer knows that the parasitic succubus, and that entity that keeps hitting me have bad intentions on me. The part where I’m confused about is that if the invocation worked, he had gotten rid of the energy drainer, but not the others.

Yes I am doing banishing rituals. I am currently doing the LBRP 3 times daily. So far I’m unsure if it is working, but I intend to do this for two more weeks. If this doesn’t work well I’m going to have to make a new thread about it asking members for any banishing tips. However, so far I have it under control (I think).

My plan is just to do the LBRP three times daily, and make the parasitic succubus, and the entity to feel inferior, and weak. Like they can’t control my mind or actions. I’m just going to test this out.

I forgot to add this sorry, but I am also doing meditations involving chakra work.

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Like I said, YOU might be the confused one on which entities are parasitic and which can help you. Obviously you don’t have clear boundaries with any of these spirits, but it seems possible he left it for your own good, whether or not you are able to see that. Maybe if you set boundaries and define your space and rules and who is the operator- it will just go, or it will it just aid you or any number of things you haven’t considered.

As far as banishing goes, I don’t care for the Lbrp, I do not use it. I use Ben woodcrofts circle of banishing, my own energy to banish or/and my servitor Luna- who is available publicly to the forum for anyone to use :slight_smile:

Good luck, I can understand feel confused when assumptions are made, but I think you need to dig a little deeper, set clear boundaries and work on your senses because assumptions will only get you so far :slight_smile:

Side note: my ubi doesn’t leave when I banish (it does if I ask it to however) so, you might need to look into other options if your truly convinced Lucifer didn’t leave it on purpose, or for your own good.


My experience with him…lol he is a Jester. He keeps me on a smile. He likes to have fun. And fuck around. But everyone is different on what they need on there journey…