Is a there a evocation,invocation,possession rite I can use for all spirits but substitute the names of the spirits.

Didn’t you just ask a similar question in your thread on possession?

Edit: You are ignoring the advice you were given in that thread, and asking the same thing in a slightly different way, hoping to get a different answer. A possession rite will do you no good, because you obviously have no idea what you are doing.


I was just going to say… Seems like a very repeated topic

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In regards to the evocation rite, there’s plenty of things on the forum. I’m not very sure about a “universal” one, but I can send you info on king Paimon and an angel named Orpaniel if you’d like.

Yea please thank you

Your right I should just take the hard way

@bfields5 Their is a “universal rite” for invocation if that’s what you are looking for. You will need sigils of each entity though. It’s not an easy way out. You will still need to learn to work with the energies: slow and steady. The fact that it’s a simple ritual does not take away from the hard work that is needed. Also performance of the ritual is not a guarantee. Working with the energies of the Spirits requires patience, reverence, hard work, and devotion both to your Apotheosis and to the Spirits you work with.

Note: I’ve only successfully invoked two entities using this rite. It isn’t at all easy. One thing I’ve learned over my few years in magick is that the simplest rituals are often the hardest to actually execute.

P.S. PM if you are interested. I am not going to post the ritual on a public thread.

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I’d be interested in the Paimon rite as well- any chance I can get that to?

This^ and this:

As well as:

And in regards to the enn


It’s not the hard way. It’s the logical way. You can’t expect to do calculus when you can’t even do basic addition and subtraction. The rites those above were nice enough to give you could be the greatest, most powerful rites ever written but they won’t work for you because you don’t even know how to open sigils or to enter the TGS.

This forum contains everything you need to know to start on the path of magick, but you seem bent on ignoring all advice given by those more knowledgeable than you, so fine. Do the rite you were given, but when it doesn’t work, don’t come back and open more threads, whining to us that you didn’t get what you wanted. Without the proper altered state, and energy raising, chanting enns and reading an invocation are just empty words.

Good luck.

Your right. I’m a beginner So I don’t have the knowledge that you guys have that’s why I’m going to ea koettings bootcamp. So I can gain knowledge and so he can work with me so I can obtain the theta gamma sync. But magick is nothing without hard work. Thanks man for your comments on my post really appreciate it. I hope you become the powerful sorcerer this world has ever seen. Best of luck

You may also be interested in an alternate method and, however, many details could be used in the classic way.
It’s possible to utilize a box or a table like a temple. Draw the circle, if you want it, directly or on a sheet to be placed. Put in the corners, or at the sides, four colored pebbles symbolizing the elements: green, cyan, violet and red; otherwise a seashell, a feather… Perhaps employ a small mirror too, tealights (although a bit risky in the case of normal candles lit with flames inside a box) etc.