Invocaton of king piamon

Well that was a very pleasant experience. I mediated on king Paimons sigil listening to Egyptian music I felt I had too. As soon as I went into a trance I could feel my third eye open and I went to a desert I walked to a hill where I saw a camel and a tall man with black robes on and a hood and a pendent with his sigil on I got on one knee and introduced myself. I looked at him and said good Evening my humble servant thank you for your offering. I asked him about my ascent and my progression in my music career he said your path in magic is progressing very quickly and your music career is yours if you will it to be. He told me last lucifer speaks highly of you. And would like me to help you along your path when you are ready. He told me lucifer wants me to start evocation and to broaden my magical horizons not of just the lhp but explore what the angels have to offer because knowledge of there ways will make a more powerful magician. He then told me I will be keeping a watchful eye on you. Then he left. Over all the experience was amazingly positive and Iā€™m glad I invoked him