I am new with demons and stuff, but I want to work with them. Can someone tell me how to invoque a low rank demon to get started? Which one is a good choice?

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the method of invocation is the same for all entities to my knowledge. Use the search function on the specific entity to find some useful incantation on that specific entity. however the method is the still the same.

But with what demon should I get started?

it depends what are u seeking, but in general i advise Lucifer he is amazing and patient with beginners. Also, he is the one i started with when i jumped to this craft/path.

Google it , you decide what is a good choice

Thank you then!

Didn’t you post earlier about specific demons you had interactions with? Maybe I’m confused… Happens often…

I did post about a demon, Andras, he’s already gone, I had to banish him.

Did you find out why he was around?

He wanted to kill

Start with nordic or greek Gods
They will recognise your trueself and guide you to find the right entity or entities