Hey I invoked Angel Michael to destroy a charm placed on someone. It seems nothing is happening this few days I’ve done it. What am I doing wrong. Am using circle fmagic and invocation rom procedure from De Lawrence Great book of Hindu magic

What kind of charm?

Great Book of Hindu Magic for Archangel Michael?

With all due respect,the method and paradigms don’t fit at all,so that’s a good place to start.

Also,did you invoke him or evoke him?

What kind of charm was placed?

How do you know it’s there?How can you remove it?How did you perform the ritual?

Were you vague or specific in your requests?Did you enter the ritual knowing exactly,who,what,how and why the charm was placed and the same questions for it’s removal?

Do you not believe in magick,at all?

Details are necessary to troubleshoot magic!

Arcane, I actually adopted the method from an adept. He has used the system for long time and according to him, it works. I believe in magick. I was invoking him.

Are you able to contact this adept? Perhaps it’s best to ask him or her, since you received this method from this person.

I did but he seems not to give me a good answer.

When invoking you need to get to the point where you sense yourself overshadowed or merged with the being, where the way you think, act, and intend becomes an extention of that power indwelling you. In my expereince when doing this kind of work you will know you’re ready to act when your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are not ‘normal’ anymore, and they have taken on the properties of the being you’re invoking.

Somethings that have worked for me …

If you can get other people that are aligned with you and also they are focused on you becoming this being that can help alot depending on their skills.

If you get a mass audience (50+ people) like doing it at a party or something, you can harness the collective focus.

If you are working alone one thing that has always worked for me is amping up the intensity. This can be things like playing a song that you really get into that links with either the reason you’re doing the work, or the outcome you want, or maybe both.

Another (classic) option is to add in longer conjurations, prayers, requests, orations, poems, demands, affirmations, etc.

Collect a bunch of these things and organize them in the order of how much they emotionally affect you, from least to greatest, then go through them one by one until you reach a peak state of intensity.

This is the point where you start doing some of the same things, but stated from a perspective like you ARE Michael. For example…

I call upon you … Archangel Michael …, to break the charm upon _____ , etc.


I … Archangel Michael … break the charm upon ____, etc.

So the whole procedure of the invokation ends with you merging and commanding reality to bend to your/Michael’s will.

I hope that helps.