I just got done watching E.A.'s seminar on the higherarchy of demonic kings. in it he talks about invocation. Is this something you can do by yourself? I dont practice my evocations with anyone else this is private.You are all my fellow magicians but this is something that I really cant talk about to anyone. It has such a big stigma to it that even people in the occult commuinity would look down on it to say the least. So this isnt something that I can do with someone else around. From what I know about posession is just what I’ve seen at Santeria drummings where the Orisha posesses the person to the point where the person blacks out When the orisha leavs the persons body the person has recollection of anything that happened. is this the same thing???

No. Invocation is the calling of powers, energies or entities within yourself, and is usually used for things like planetary powers, and godforms, etc. You remain in complete control of the process. If you have ever performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, also known as the L-Burp to its friends, you have invoked. When a Catholic priest says Mass, he is invoking the power of his god. But keep to yourself, because everyone knows there is no magick in the Church. Santeria/Voudon possession experiences, on the other hand, are for the most part unconscious. The spirit rides whomever it chooses, not necessarily the person chosen for it.

I’m Curiouse. Have you ever been to a santeria drumming? because while your statement is true. Its a little misleading. Because if your not iniated and you go to a drumming and get posessed the orisha that posesses you is your guardian. If your not iniated go to drumming and get possesed it is safe to say that you been chosen to be in that religion. but thanks for your comment

There are stories of anthropologists observing Voudon rituals being ridden by the Loa even though they are not participating, and they’re not initiated or anything, nor do they join the religion. I’m sure some do, but some don’t, so I don’t think they are ‘chosen’ for anything. The spirit might just find them interesting. That’s a forced possession, though they probably unconsciously let it happen. I don’t know anything about Santeria though. I’ve only read about Voudon, and while they are similar, I know they are not the same. But you asked about Invocation. I told you what invocation is. In Western Ceremonial Magick it is the calling of forces into you, but it is NOT possession because you are not turning your Will over to the forces you call. If you are participating in a Santeria ritual, you are tacitly inviting the Orisha to take over, which makes it possession, NOT invocation, BY THE STANDARDS OF WESTERN CEREMONIAL MAGICK. With invocation, you are the one controlling what, and how much of it, you let in. Invocation CAN become possession though, if you can’t control what you’re calling. Read the section on Demon Invocation in Works of Darkness, where you invite a demon to merge with you.

Thanks for clarifying that. I dont know much about Voodin. But I Went to a 21 divisions party last night. It was awesome. The dieties are the loa in 21 divisions. when they posess people they speak in Creole. Its like a party but the spirits posess people and hang out all night Eat and Drink Dance. it was so cool. Anaisa told me some cool stuff. There was a spirit that came down she kept walking up to me and kissing me and hugging me. She was sitting on my lap. I gave her a grape cigar and she was like omg its so good. I said here mami you take it. She so enjoyed that cigar. I went to leave because it was 4 am. She wouldnt let me leave. she was like no you have to stay i wont let you leave. It was an awesome party the Loa come down and hang just like people.

Thanks for sharing Jay.

And yeah, Lwas are indeed wonderful spirits.

Where was thjs party Jay sounds sick, woukd love to see sometuing like that but here in Pa theres bars and churches (sigh)