Invocation while addicted to substance

anyone experienced invoking demons when addicted to a substance

I used to have a major problem with hallucinogens, and I would invoke demons to possess me, if anything it makes it easier but also you are 20x more likely to lose control

many hallucigensopen the mind inliue of closing it like narcotics/opiods/stimulants/benzos/gabas. ive been on opioids for years and am missing emotion, energy,hormones. so my question is how would the lack of these chemicals effect magick??? thanks for the response because I was also interested in how hallugicens affect magick. thanks

I think for myself, my addictions both helped and hurt me. I felt a lot more tuned into spiritual happenings when I was on Ambien, and I could focus really well through a ritual on Ritalin.
As a beginner, it seemed to help.
Now that I am off all medications, I feel like I went backwards in my abilities because these addictions were a crutch that got me over the beginners hump but only gave me the illusion of progress afterwards so I had to rebuild on my abilities to continue making progress.