Invocation, transformation, possession and permanent change

I have tried a lot of rituals for the last few months. But I must say I don’t feel any permanent change in my being. I’m thinking if there’s any Damon Brand style book that teaches you invocation but not any invocation it makes a part of you possessed by a spirit (preferably a demon) meaning it somewhat partial possession all the time. Working along your side giving you inspiration, strength and visions to get through this messed up life.

Is it possible for a noob like me to pull it off. I’m almost done with Poiel and proceed to succeed magic but with my ADHD and anxiety disorder it is tough to go through this world. I wish I had some spirit with me who I can really feel there within me instead forcefully believing it. I don’t care about my personal identity I just need to overcome this planet and achieve spiritual and material Ascent.

Is there a way I can pull this off. I’m a total noob when it comes to invocation and evocation. To achieve something that intense might require EA Leve skill but I don’t have it. Trying to achieve it for over 7 years. Damon Brand seems like the best choice. If there’s any book like his that can help me please recommendationd to me🙏

I know I have the capacities of a normal human being but due to my issues I can’t reach my full potential. Obviously I’m taking meds but I believe Magick can be a big chenge for my. So please if there’s a way to be permanently possessed partially safely please help me.

I sincerely thank you all for reading :heart: I don’t have anywhere else to post. Please help :pray:

  1. I don’t know any books for that.

  2. It’s definitely possible for a newb to do magick and get possessed. Why you want that, is beyond me. It’s not a game, it’s not a joke, posession is serious business and can have serious repercussions on your life.

I think would be more beneficial for you to work in your perceived limitations then to try and get possessed.

Possession is absolutely NOT a magick bullet. It won’t make you better at anything automatically, it won’t give you super powers, all it does is to give you a passenger inside you and depending on the strength of the possessing entity and your own strength, it can go bad.

Work on yourself before you mess with possession (because unless you have verified its identity you could end up with who knows what inside you and its a good idea to have a relationship with the entity BEFORE you invite it to possess you).

Add: there’s no such thing as being a “normal” human being and being limited by that. All humans have the potential to do magick what it takes to succeed is belief in what you’re doing and a subset of actions aka a ritual that enables you to get in the magickal headspace where your magick will work.

Please excuse my using the term magick headspace. I use that term because I can’t think of a better way to say it, even though phrasing it like that is awkward to say the least but I hope it got my point across (that magick isn’t about having the right ancestors it’s about believing and doing and practicing your
ass off til it works reliably for you).

Add: I speak from experience.


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It seems like my previous post was misunderstood hahaha. I DON’T WANT OR CONDONE suicide. My point was this world is so mundane for me. A yeah I know I sound like a jerk when people in other parts of the world would die to live like me but I just hate living. Regardless whether I’m a millionaire or a poor homeless guy. I felt this since I was a child. It’s not that severe though.

I just find it extremely hard to go on a day to day life. If I get possessed (partially) by a demon I feel like at least something is here with me. When I’m in a emotionally difficult situation I can let him take over. All in all it may feel like someone wise and powerful is watching over me from within me. Also with my ADHD and other shit imho I find it wise have someone within to chenge the internals and give me confidence and inspire me.

This is Why I’m thinking about how to get possessed like this. I’ve been practicing Magick since I was 15 and never did things “for fun”. I take my works extremely seriously. I’m to doing this because of any of that. I just want someone wise and powerful like Azazel or Lucifer within me. So lets say I wanna go to an interview he’ll provide confidence or working on a demanding project and he’ll inspire me. In short I want someone spiritually with me. With all the powers Magick has I still feel lost.

And yes I have performed rituals of self improvement. A lot of them.

My conception of self is rather scientific, your personality is yourself. So by permanent (partial) possession that part dies(you personality changes). People misunderstood that thinking I’m trying to commit suicide lol

Thanks for listening. Sorry for the bad writing. It’s cold and my fingers are shaking. I’m not some guy that got depressed and looking to do something stupid. :heart:


I think you should first define towards where you want your personality to lean. In other words, which qualities you wish to display ? Read about planetary energies and pick the ones that match your will. Then you should learn rituals to manifest those energies in your life through regular Magick practice and daily meditations… and if you wish to work with a spirit, you need to also do it in a regular basis… I’m also a noob but so far this is what I learned through experience while aiming for deep personal change just like you

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I just need someonr (not human or animal) to just live this world. I’m sorry I am going to sound philosophical now but here it goes: I always ever since I was a kid found this life to be useless, mundane. Sure success, sex and money make it fun for a while but I don’t find any happiness. There’s always something comes up and the cycle of worry and pain to overcome (e even with Magick) starts. I real years ago that the word “inspiration” comes from the word “spirit” meaning your having spirit in you. I feel like it’s kinda like invocation but when we see great people doing things that looked insane in their time was able to do do it because the were “possessed” by their ambition. Like if you get so inspired that you forget everything. I think of myself as a failure because I still after having years of studying Magick I have no sold results to show for even with internet on my fingertips.

I can’t astral project, can’t evoke spirit’s to full material form, my spells rarely work. And I don’t blame Magick or the author’s who wrote it. I can’t follow through.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with ADHD which I knew I had for a long time. It’s frustrating. I lost so many opportunities. I only had one passion: Math. But due to my undiagnosed condition I couldn’t get into a good university. I had to study accounting in a community college.

But it’s not like I’m blaming anyone or fate. I don’t like to complain. But you see it’s messed up to live in a world where you have no interest or nothing to strive for. And to top it all off I have anxiety disorder. I only had one last goal beside just making a living for no reason that is Magickal Ascent. But I haven’t progressed.

So I am thinking if it could be possible to get partially possessed by a demon permanently so that it can take care of my day to day life. Like if I have an interview the demon can do better. If I have an exam the demon can help me study and take it, there’s no worry about lack of concentration or not understanding anything. But most importantly I feel comfort when I’m one with a demon. It’s like where I belong.

It may sound like I’m sick of life but I have always been for as long as I can remember. I don’t like to deal with the mundane anymore than I absolutely have to.

So if any of you know a way even a noob like me can get a partial possession please help :pray:

Now i have to say i agree with the others and their opinion’s very deeply. Let me start off by asking you a question or two. If you are not able to astral project then you have not developed your senses so, how would you know that you know if you contacted the right entity per-say and not some lower entity and or a parasite in your worse case scenario? So, many things can go wrong if you’re not able to identify the entity you are trying to do a possession with ; that you’ll do more harm than good and by the time you realize what happened so much damage can be done and some of it even possibly irreversible that your worse off than when you originally started off.
You said you been doing magick since the age of 15 with no progress? Have you ever tried to just go back to the beginning and start over and not try to reach for the stars so to speak and just work on the fundamentals of your said craft? Don’t feel you have to make great leaps and bounds in this thing we call magick to validate what you are doing. Simple and small successes will carry you further than any huge invocation/evocation ever will; because you’ll have the basics down and will know when it is really time to take those next steps within your own magick.
You will always learn from your mistakes more than your successes because with your successes you’ll never learn if there is a better way to do something like said spell and or ritual. You’ve also said you were diagnosed with ADHD recently. I to have ADHD and i have founds ways to move within my own limitations to maximize my own potential… Yes, it can be done if you have the drive to not let it be a crutch but a but a stepping stone towards bigger and better achievements. So, with that said ; i wish you the best in your growth within magick and i know you’ll achieve what your looking for out of this life…


It isn’t like that unfortunately. You have a passenger when possessed BUT it doesn’t just take over at your beck and call you can’t just be like here you take the reigns I’ll sit back and watch.

I was possessed before. It’s not like Hollywood shows in movies you don’t exactly hear the entity and have conversations with it. The communication is more or less non verbal and intimate you feel it it feels you. If it’s not happy in the arrangement it can amplify your emotions and thoughts in a negative manner to try and drive you to suicide. If it’s unhappy with being in you. No it’s not always like that BUT it is different from what people think. Different as in non verbal and there’s no hiding anything from the being inside it has access to everything.

Worse is you can’t just ask it to take over or prevent it from taking over when it wants to. That happened to me the entity took over while I was checking people out as a grocery store cashier. I don’t have a clue what it said or did but I came out of the submerged by the entity state where it had pushed me when it took over to find a lady being crazy screaming at me “You’re evil! You’re evil!”

That’s why you need to know who and what you invite in and shouldn’t rush into it half cocked. Because when it takes over YOU are left to deal with the fallout from its actions and words afterwards


Idk how you did that but I can’t stick to my routine. I’m not saying you’re lying don’t get me wrong I just can’t.

Let’s change the word possession to Union. I want to achieve Union with a spirit. I want to feel somewhat"safe" by a higher power. Not by faith but by actually feeling it without a doubt. As for the REAL thing I will use the most authentic sigil I can find like Damon Brand’s or Gordon Winterfield’s. I’ll perform the appropriate ritual. At least that’s what I’m thinking. And if you think I’m aiming for the stars with all due respect I’m not. I tried EAs books to empower me, Damon Brand mystical word’s of power and many MANY more and they all work. But I deeply feel o need to be united with the supernatural. Like the union of both and the domination of none.

I’m sorry if I sounded rude it really wasn’t my intention. Thanks for reading my post and replying :pray:

No, you used the right term the first time because union can only be achieved via possession as the final stage of possession.

Union is a synonym for perfect possession or perfect eternal possession and if that’s what you want you have to find the right entity BEFORE getting possessed by it (it can’t just be any old available spirit it basically has to be your soul mate I’m calling it soul mate for lack of a better way to say it).

maybe @C.Kendall could explain better then me why it has to be the right entity if unity with an entity is your goal.

And I recommend you read his posts because he posted about what you say you want, he posted his experiences in proceeding to achieve that with his godform.

I just tagged him so he can give you his feedback but depending on what he’s doing it may be a bit before he replied to this post.

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Is there a way for me to make it LIKE that? Please I need this.

Have you tried working with servitors? They are as real as any other spirit, can garner the same types of results and belong to you, to use however you see fit, so if constant companion is how you see fit, that’s something they can do.

You wouldn’t even need possession, just to continually work with the servitors until your senses are developed enough for consistency, which would happen naturally over time with continued effort anyways with this type of spirit.


I’m think I’m having trouble expressing my needs in words. I want a demon who is powerful and wise that will be within me where I’ll always feel it’s presence and guide be through life sometimes even possess (partially obviously).

I feel like this world is not for me an I’m lost. I’ve been feeling this ever since I was born and no human relationship can fix it.

The best way I can put is like you go out somewhere unknown with your uncle and feel safe because you know he’ll protect you and know the road better.

I need this feel to be tangible. If possession doesn’t work how about a strong invocation that makes you achieve that?

Astral projection and evocation are two different skill sets. You can have one without the other.

That is because just taking the action of changing a routine doesn’t change you and what you want to do. People often think they can just push through laziness by taking action, but the reality is a whole host of unconscious thoughts holds us back. The “pushing through” often only works temporarily, and then it resets back to default. (hence all the new years resolutions people fail to keep)

Unconscious thoughts are often programed by what people around us in the past and present have told us, as well as whatever we keep reinforcing in ourselves. There are several methods to deal with this, including certain types of habit changes, Hiring a life coach is another method people have found to be effective.