Invocation Question

Hey guys,I was just wanting to hear how some of you perform invocation.I’ve tried meditating on the entity I want to invoke,and vibrating it’s name and telling the entity I’m opening myself up to it.Other than that I don’t know what to do being I can’t open a sigil to save my life.As always thanks for any advice.

My method of invocation differs greatly from most people’s. It’s based on some secret formulas and very effective and simple exercises, as well as the invocation of my Holy Guardian Demon before the main invocation. If you want, I can give you some advice in a PM, just let me know.

Work’s of darkness has a good method of invoking demons if you have it.

I’m interested in your method if you wouldn’t mind sharing :slight_smile:

I have WoD what chapter can I find the invocation? And elison plz pm me on your methods(i don’t know how to pm)

Chapter 13 , Page 186