Invocation of Lucifer 16/8/20

The following is an entry from my journal on my invocation of Lucifer.

So I performed “Lucifer’s Bannishing Ritual.” This helped to sanctify the ritual space.

I anointed myself with Dragonsblood anointing oil on my temples, third eye, my crown and at the back of my head, just above the base of my skull.
As I prepared myself to go into theta-gamma state, in the back ground I had binaural beats dedicated to Lucifer playing in the background. I got myself into a relaxed state. Once this was reached, I began the invocation of Lucifer. The invocation I used was one authored by Connor Kendall.

Me: Thank you Lucifer for answering ny call.

Lucifer: You are welcome my friend. What is it you seek?

Me: I call upon you as discussed to converse with you to discuss my ritual prior to evocation.

Lucifer: Indeed my friend.

I could feel Lucifer’s energy and presence within my body. I began to read my ritual as if it was through Lucifer’s eyes. First I showed Lucifer the “Invocation of Omipotence” rirtual.

Lucifer: This will help you achieve the correct mind type. In this mind state your evocation will be successful. Take your time preparing the evocation.

Next I showed Lucifer the ritual space layout.

Me: Lucifer is there anything you would to change about this ritual space layout?

Lucifer: The circle and triangle for power and manifestation. I am happy that your intent, that this triangle is used for manifestation only, not imprison, bind or subjigate me. I approve and I want you to layout your evocation as this.

Lucifer then showed me the image of how weanted the ritual space to look:

Lucifer: Connect the altar you have dedicated to me by a line of candles. This will ensure you that a circuit is complete. Layout the components as shown as you know what they mean.

I let Lucifer look at the preparation of ritual components:

Lucifer: You will use 7 black candles. The 8th that is placed at the top of the circle will be white as it will be used to connect the circle to the triangle.

Next I showed Lucifer the evocation ritual.

Lucifer: All in all the evocation ritual is short and simple. Follow the guidelines of the ritual you have created and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Me: Lucifer, in your honest opinion what are your views on my evocation?

Lucifer: Again you have prepared it well. You took your time to research and compile a ritual that feels right to you. All you need to do now is to test it now.

Me: Is there anything else you need to say to me Lucifer?

Lucifer: Take a piece of dark chocolate that you made as an offering and allow me to taste it how you taste it.

I took a piece of rum and raisin, dark chocolate from the offering bowl and let it melt in my mouth.

Lucifer: Thank you my friend that was sublime.

Me: You are welcome my friend. Is there anything you need to add?

Lucifer: No my friend. Now go forth and prepare your evocation of me.

I raised a shot glass of rum and toasted Lucifer.

Me: Hail Lucifer.

Evocation of Lucifer to follow :metal:


:star_struck: :star_struck: how awesome!

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Thank you for sharing! Great work!

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Thank you both @MagickVigilante and @letmedisappear. I will write up the evocation of Lucifer pretty soon

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excited to see what’s in store :slight_smile:

Great work! Thanks for sharing!