Invocation of Loki

Anyone else done the Invocation of Loki rite? How did it go?

I have done an invocation to Loki, but not EA’s version. I disagree with some of his gnosis regarding how to invoke/evoke Loki.

You can literally just casually hit him up, he isn’t as stern and serious as the other Jotun. I think he is more socialized is why lol…he is lighthearted and very silly sometimes but he can get pretty angry and fiery. Formalities are not necessary but it does butter him up when you make him feel more important than he is :wink: heheh. He may appear to you in the form of a black serpent or dragon as well, otherwise he is just himself and he looks like a pointy orange flame sorta.


How would one go about seeing him or any norse god. I see a lot of people talking about they might show up as x or x. What is the process to that in the first place?

Bookmarked and will get back to you.

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I find him good, reminds me of Pan :heart:

Any chance yet?

As for seeing any entity you generally use an incense base and project an image in your minds eye into the smoke, which will then begin to take the form of the entity.

After invoking an entity or called it’s name in tje process of evoking it, If you can’t project an image into the smoke in the case of evoking it, close your eyes and ask the spirit to take a form, usually this produces an image of an entity of some kind.
If that doesn’t help start asking questions like: what do you look like? what is the color of your hair? How does your eyes/ face look?

Little by little the image will build, since you trigger your mind this way. Until you have a clear image of the entity.
You can also use incense smoke to help with immersion.

As for projecting an entity before you with your third eye and with your eyes open, I can’t yet do. I know the theory behind it, but I haven’t been able to nail that part yet.