Invocation of King Paimon and Experiences

Hello hello, this experience actually happened a few days ago and I’ve just been sitting with it for a while to better understand it, also debating if I really wanna further develop this relationship with him.

So, it was fairly early in the morning, maybe around 7 or 8-ish in the morning. is this important? Probably not, but I’m sharing anyway. For some odd reason, I felt the need for mental clarity that day - many reasons being me distancing myself from toxic friend groups and trying to really get back in tune with myself. I wanted to know what it was that I really wanted, and how I could achieve it. So A simple meditation soon took an unexpected detour as King Paimon’s name continued to run about in my thoughts, so I said fudge it and went for an Invocation to ask for mental clarity and advice on rebuilding myself.

I listened to his enn and went into probably the deepest state of meditation I’ve ever been in. And while I was in that state I had I don’t know a momentary vision of sorts? I saw what I now believe was higher me standing on some sort of rocky beach, and everything was in like an Indigo hue. Standing next to her was this large masculine figure, he had well-formed features and was dressed in probably the most badass yet elegant armor I’ve ever seen in my life and above his head was like a flaming crown. He didn’t say anything he just sort of looked down at her before gesturing out, and I saw (In like over the shoulder perspective) Her reach out towards the moon above and she like snatched it from the sky.

From then on I kinda gradually came back into myself, feeling euphoric as all hell. My mind was quiet and I could definitely feel King Paimon’s presence with me for a majority of the day, along with his voice occasionally reminding me small things like fixing my posture and just asking questions in general that I’ve been dodging myself for a long while. I also learned that he enjoys peach tea - Lipton of course, just a fun tidbit I thought I’d add-in.

My next question is, how do many of you feel working with him? And if you have worked with him how has he changed you if you feel comfortable sharing that much. Truthfully I haven’t thought much of him until recently, so any and all help/advice/warnings are appreciated. Also any thoughts on the visuals I saw? Like is there any meaning or am I just reading too much into nothing?


I’ve only recently started working with him. I feel a very calming and understanding presence. Very much a patient being and hasn’t been negative in general.

Hail King Paimon!


Great work and thanks for sharing!

As for my experience with him, I can only say good things! He’s the greatest guide, always taking care of you and making sure you learn what you need to learn, at the right time.


@Eia That was a cool vision, and the badass, elegant, masculine and beautiful appearance sounds very much like the vibe I get from Him.

I can say from my own experience that He has changed me in many ways, too many and too personal to list here. In short: He has helped me understand, discipline and empower myself in terms of my intuition, my mental and psychic abilities, and other respects down to the practical day-to-day level. His number one ”specialty“ in my experience is the mind, the dismantling of false concepts of self and reality. He is an amazing teacher and can be a fiercely protective and loyal friend and no-nonsense mentor. He is all that to me and more.

He can also be very gentle, generous, hilariously funny, and has great compassion for those who are struggling in life. He has absolutely no respect or patience for phonies. People get to see different sides of Him according to who they are, where they stand and what kind of relationship is being established, but there are people He gravitates towards and they (according to what He has told me) will usually find it easier to communicate with Him on a deeper level right off the bat, or there will be an inexplicable sense of familiarity or attraction. This happened in my case, and I know of others, too, who have felt an almost irresistible pull towards Him and have received some pretty amazing visions and insights right away despite not having worked with Him at all. This is because there has been a connection before, but the practitioner may not have been aware of it. He has been with me all my life (and before), and the way we ”clicked“ was pretty mindblowing to me, having had almost zero experience before.

There are many basic guides for evocation and invocation here if you use the search function, and tons of information about Him, being the popular spirit that He is. I have a feeling that you’re one of those who will find it easy to connect with Him. Take your time to establish trust and get to know Him, and most of all: trust yourself.