Invocation of Hel

Has anyone done an invocation or evocation of the Goddess Hel? and if so how did you go about it? (preferably a more direct way and not the overuse of candles and whatnot) I would like to try different simplified ways of doing it. (Also yes I have used the search function prior to this thread just in case lol)

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Looks we have the same “Problem”
Found anything until then?

Why do you want to get in touch with Hel?

I already have been in touch with her. I was simply looking into different methods aside from my usual etheric projecting to her.

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Ask Hel herself to provide you with a pathworking that sends you right into her consciousness, perhaps.

I was looking more for indirect ways to call her things ritualistic/indirect magick. However, thank you for the suggestion as well.

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@Velenos would you mind if i send you a DM about that? :slight_smile:

Sure, but about what?

About Hel !