Invocation of Belial - successful attempt?

Today at night (13/9) I was performing an invocation of Belial. Since my previous attempts failed and the only one that was actually close was this one time where I heard his voice saying in a ghostly voice my name, I have decided to do it differently. So here is the way I did it step by step and I hope it can assist those who seek to invoke him as well. I know that I always look step by step guides as if I am retarded and need everything to be explained to the smallest detail with the assumption of I know nothing, so I am returning the favor of what I wish to be done to me.

  1. I guess that the first step is to be conscious of the idea that you want to summon Lord Belial. Since I was failing a lot, I was thinking of it constantly. The Demons are in my mind all the time and it should be in everyone’s if we truly seek to make bonds and seek aid. In a sense, it makes us connect more to our higher selves and eventually to Satan itself (Satan as I see it is not an entity but rather the absolute, the whole, the entire Pleroma, the cosmic mind of which all of us, all demons and gods are part of. In a sense, Satan is the only thing that exists. There is nothing outside of Satan. Satan also is entirely rational and operates on pure living mathematics.)

  2. Since I wanted to reach to a very high experience, I had to really be in a state of mind that is different than the mundane one. The first thing I did was to meditate for about an hour on Theta-Gamma sync waves. It’s linked so use it! You don’t have to use this specific one but it’s a good one!

  3. I drew the sigil of Belial with a black marker on a white notebook paper.

  4. I was waiting for my parents to go asleep and Drew some blood over the symbol.

  5. I lit some incense in the background.

  6. I was chanting “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlc Belial” for several times and then I was chanting “Natz Fehr Ata Inferum Negra” and after that, I was chanting “Alash, Tad Alash, Tal Ashtu”.

  7. I lit a joint as I wanted to be in a very deep state of mind.

  8. I was looking outside the window into the night with the bloody sigil near me and smoking a joint while still chanting in my mind the previous incantations.

  9. When I felt the moment is right, I was calling to Belial and asking for his guidance and help in the aspects of my life that need help so I can evolve and transform. I said that I would like this to be accomplished in a period of 3 months and would like to do a pact with him. Suddenly the night seemed brighter than usual. A voice in my head was approving of what I was asking.

Now, usually, when I smoke weed I become very paranoid, especially in front of people, as I understand everything on the much deeper level and it is easier to see through masks and fakeness. I am actually able to do this without weed as well but with weed, it just cuts through everything. It always made me have breathing problems of being overwhelmed with emotions and information and stress. But this time I was breathing as if I was alive as if I just made a swim in a cold lake or did something really really exciting and reviving which felt so amazing. And in a sense, I felt as if Belial was teaching me how to breathe and at the same time was teaching me to turn the anxious and fearful sensations into those of excitement.

At a certain moment, I dropped some ash of the joint on the sigil and I thought it is disrespectful but then I thought if he is a demon of the earth, he might see this as a gift. So I was struggling in my mind between these two thoughts and eventually decided to leave the ash since the possibility of him seeing it in a good light is much greater than that of if he will be mad about it. And I had pure intentions as well anyways.

  1. My heart was racing really fast. Like really fast as i was feeling it is going to explode any moment now and i was shaking. So a pleasant voice in my voice told me to drink water and sit on the bed and relax. It was telling me how beautiful I am, how amazing I am, how great I am, how i do the right thing. It was trying to calm me and to return my heartbeat to normal.

  2. As i was listening to the meditation that i linked previously, it received a completely different turn in my brain. It sounded as the most beautiful music that ever was made. It sounded in my mind as music of the gods themselves. That only Gods could make such a music. I was imagining a live performance of it, where the entire humanity is in trance while listening to it. It sounded as if it was a combination of Black Metal tremolo speed picking in the form of theta waves on every note and string there is in such a beautiful pattern that gave it a divine structure while along it there was a dark bubbly sound of a second guitar and then there was this high pitched sound that sounded as an Opera sound of a woman in different vocal patterns that were fitting with the other sounds perfectly. Then i start seeing colors and shapes and felt as if i am one with the music. I heard the perfect symphony of drums. And i remember wishing to create such a music.

I was then having a conversation with the woman that i share strong feelings for, and at the beginning i thought maybe i shouldnt as i am paranoid to talk while so stoned and completely alienated from my self. But then i thought it could be an interesting experience. And especially since she is so important to me. At the begining it was hard to express what was going in my mind and my replies were short but slowly i became more confident and were able to express myself better and even became much more rational in my responses than usual which is always amazing.

Then i felt the need to masturbate. Usually i do not cum, but this time i have decided to do so and i was cumming all over my stomach as another offering and had such a strong and powerful orgasm.

I would want to try the same today but perhaps to do so with Lucifer or Lilith. I wonder if i can make another pact, would it be acceptable by Belial? Can you have several pacts? Lucifer was the one who was guiding me and in fact part of me all my Life so i guess a true bond with him would be one that i want to achieve.

Also, listen to this! :slight_smile:


It´s acceptable to do many pacts if all parties agree to that. That is my experience.

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May I add a tip? Play this along with this at the same time, with the same volume and be amazed :smirk:

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Thank you! I shall try it. Although if I am on my phone it’ll be hard I guess…

I got some questions. I have tried to call on Belial. I drew his sigil on a piece of paper and chanted diffrent enns diffrent times. ”Itz racha belial” and other times ”lirach tasa Vefa wehlc Belial”.

I have a problem at my prev job, I got fired because I was cursed, but I found my soulmate there and told Belial if he helps me solve the situation at my prev work and gives me the chance to get a fair shot at the person I am in love with I would make a pact with him for other reasons and give him offerings. Now Im starting to think I did something wrong because I did listen to a audiobook and it said ”you most always give offers beforehand to Belial”. That cant be correct Ive read in multiple threads here that its fully accepted to do it this way espacially with Belial because he is ”business minded” someone said.

I dont see that I did anything wrong at all.

Correct me if Im wrong.

I gave Belial this deal, help me and we make a pact and I will give you offerings.

This is what people on the forum does.

First call then give a task then give offerings.

Also I did not face any special direction or have any special clothing.

Wow cant believe nobody replied to this I’ve been wondering the same thing and btw from what I’ve read Belial doesn’t care about what clothing you wear

Yes, sometimes it’s possible to skip a “detail”. In theory Belial may be addressed while facing, I believe, North or South and wearing black clothes or none. Offerings, either going the E.A. way (that is, nothing because an entity wants to do its job) or, for example, verbally giving the same candle/incense used in ritual.