Invocation of Apep

Self written, inspired by Apep

Names- Apep, Apepi, Apophis, Apothis

“I open Nun! I slither adrift in the primenval seas of chaos.”
" I am the Evil Lizard" x11 (number of times repeated)
“None may flee the Encircler of the world, Apepi. I open the primal seas of chaos, as the great serpent Apothis!”
“Eternal is Apophis, enemy of Ra” x 13
“Mortals fall dead before me, Gods flee in terror. I have been worshipped by no human at any time (part of the formula, go with it) . Mighty is my conquest, eternal is my rage”
"Apothis , serpent of rebirth " x 7
“I am consigned to Earth no longer; he who no god alone can slay. Mighty and eternal , unscathed I now return! Never again to see the light of day, humanity will burn!”
"I am the great snake " x3
“I conjure forth the undualting chaos, to bring to bear my will full.” Do whatever work u do here
“The sigil marked in blood. I’m the eternal destroyer, nigh my work is done, bought forth by my magickal gaze. I disrupt the scales of Ma’at, and my work be done!”

Note- this formulae is based on the Eyptian mythology, and is the reason i state use the Hieroglyphs. Its strong…I leave it at that.

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Edits -
Mortals fall dead before me, Gods flee in terror. I have bowed to none at any time (replaces the worship part, since this is a new aeon, and it was suggested to me)

  • I am consigned to Earth no longer; he who no god alone can slay. Mighty and eternal, unscathed I now return! Nothing may stand in my way, for that which does will burn .( suggested that humans are not the only things he would demolish.)

notes - The original was based on a personal agenda centered around a conscious desire to use magick for only baneful purposes. This has changed reccently, and there’s way more to do with my practice than ise it to bring death to human beings. It is suggested to me more power comes from appealing to the more general attributes of the entity itself rather than projecting my own( which seemed to make sense at the time, but i can see the flaws in now)

Edits - I conjure forth undulating chaos, to bring forth the synchronicity aligned with my conscious desire. My words* marked in blood [do whatever work u will here]
As an eternal destroyer, my work be done by my magical gaze. I alter the balance of Ma’at and bring forth the manifestation of my conscious desire

notes - It didn’t feel right as was written…this feels more accurate now…again less specific than the older version in which I was seeing the successful sorcery as disrupting a natural order. I am told the natural order is the synchronicity, and manifestation of conscious desires. The casting of the spell is the natural order, and the fact that things dont just materialize from conscious thought (as we experience things) is actually unnatural. Apep a destroyer in the mythology is part of a balance, as thus seems odd to claim a disruption. Strange thing is i cant say who or what is telling me these things…like thoughts they just come as critiques, and im moved to make corrections, in ritual in real time…)

I couldn’t edit it in the original post so I decided to reply.

are you sure apep wants to be invoked ?

are you sure apep wanna manifest inside of other malebeings spirit / body ?

i am the evil lizard :smiley:


Given some of the errors i seem to uncover looking back over my edits, I’m not even sure he wants me to share it…