Invocation of anubis

So my brother died out of nowhere 2 days ago. My grandma is on hospice. My uncle is bed ridden with lung cancer.Im shrouded with death.I refuse to be a victim,So last night a guess partially out of grief exhaustion ,A 11 foot aperition of the god anubis,twice in front of my bed.Ive been resurching him and techniques of invocation"kemetic magick’so can any of you help? He is totally exotic to me. But I want to turn all this pain into spirituality.


Well Anubis is the Egyptian god of the underworld, deals with embalming the dead and escorts the deceased to the afterlife. The fact that you saw him is awesome. I do not have an altar set up for Anubis, only Bastet thus far, but I’ve been considering making one for him. Interesting.


Hermetic magick

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I hope he rests in peace

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