Invocation for the Hell of it

How do spirits feel when you invoke them just for their company and to get to know them?

Not a lot of them really like that.

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Maybe I need to reword it. What if I simply wanted to meet a particular spirit and get to know them? What if I were to conduct a ritual to “Invite” them, as opposed to forceful invocation? What if I did want anything at that point but them?

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Dave, I recommend you cool down.

If you just want spirits to be around you, to connect, you will be fine.

There is one simple thing to keep on mind for that working!

Calmly accept, what they show to you.

Trust me, that takes more guts than bossing around.



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I do invoke to practice understanding the different between my thoughts and their voices! I got no where yet… :woman_shrugging:t2: not everyone wants to be invoked so they have a choice not to answer you…

Almost sounds like spirit dating.

That might be the point. :wink:


I kinda did this with Focalor once but we’re sorta cool with each other. Invoked him to have a drink in my bedroom, I passed out before seeing a strange un-human like face in a pile of clothing. Woke up and my kitchen smelled of alcohol, like a drunk person was in it haha. It was an interesting experience.

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I’ve only ever invoked Odin when doing oracle readings with with my Norse oracle deck. Other than that I prefer to etheric project to get to know the being, since to me evocation and invocation is like spam calling a being until they answer the phone.

I would think spirits want to work with you not just idly chat. One can get to know them through the work. They know as a human time is short. I suppose they also know what routes you might take in the future. I’d say get lost in the work of what ever craft you have and the spirits will be there. Spirit/soul ascension should be a high focus since track record for the living is death. You might beat death and could try but chances are you’ll catch a nice case of death to cure your living woes (which sounds morbid I know). So, tune up your spirit like a instrument. Make your portable temple in this plane a good one (your body and mind).

When I look at some things in life like fame, friends, money, stuff I can see how temporary it is. Oh, its nice to have esp if it furthers one’s practice and goals beyond the curtain of death but its not likely you can take any of that with you. So chillin with spirits doin nuttin ain’t much of a reason for spirits to bother with (except parasites who will chill with you and feed).

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